Less about introductions…

So I’ve been putting off doing this post for a long time.

For some reason I was buzzing with ideas as to what to write about, but thought none of them made a good ‘First’ post. For awhile I was thinking along those lines before I actually started to think… Why does it matter?

Part of me, I think, had some idea that it would go down in the history books as the way I started my blog. I’d already written the ‘About Me‘ section, but that wasn’t enough. That it should be some introductory piece that will bring you from your chairs, through the screen, and into my world. But that’s not the case. Unlike a story, a blog doesn’t need an opening chapter. Nor do I have any readers with which to delight with such an intro. In my head I repeated a pattern of doing nothing, putting off writing certain articles till I was ‘further on’ with the blog, and slowly my blog dwindled and, like all those before it, was forgotten about.

So I told myself off and I came back to it. Here I am. Enjoy.




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