I’ve been beginning to feel a little lonely in Derby recently and its a feeling that’s been creeping up a while.

It really sunk in over Christmas, when I was back in Solihull seeing my friends and family, that in Derby I have… well not a lot. Almost every day I see one of my best friends, Woody, and we will often go out of a weekend, have drinks, or stay in and play xbox, while still having drinks. Whilst at home, however, I was often out with more than just one other person.

Ever sine University things have been changing, and for the better part of the last two years its been alright. There’s still been people in Derby and, failing that, I still lived with my Girlfriend. But now, over the past few months, I’ve begun to notice how little I really have keeping me in Derby. I have a Job (which I am very thankful for), I have a newly started Gym membership, and I have Woody, and that is literally it.

When I look around my dingy little room in this badly maintained houseshare I don’t feel at home. I don’t feel entirely comfortable. Recently I’ve been getting excited at the prospect of getting my own flat, but I’ve begun to think that maybe that wouldn’t even solve the problem. Maybe it’s not a problem of where I am living anymore, its who is living around me, i.e. Nobody.



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