More Resolutions.

After New Year I spoke with my  Friends about ‘Resolutions’ and what we all wanted to do. You’re already aware of mine; But one of my friends shocked me. Out the blue he said ‘I want to write a stand up comedy’. This wasn’t shocking because I didn’t think my friend was funny, or that my friend could do it, quite the opposite, but it was shocking because I never knew he had any intention. At first I took it for a joke, but soon it became clear he meant it. Tonight we saw him perform.

I find that really incredible. Less than a month after he announces it he goes and does it. He got up on stage in a pub full of strangers and, without notes, recited some material. It was some genuinely funny stuff. About half way through, however, he forget his material and he had to come sit back down. He was deflated and disheartened but I was no less impressed. It made me really admire him.

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