So I’ve had some changes recently,

Just over two weeks ago I moved house. I’ve moved myself from the houseshare I hated with such passion and into a house with Woody, one of my best mates. We’ve also moved in with a girl from work, Katy, who I hope is enjoying living with us.  For the better part it’s completely changed me. I’ve gone from being depressed a majority of the time to finally feeling happy again. I’m enjoying life a bit more and doing a lot more stuff. Granted most stuff involves stuff I shouldn’t be doing, drinking and what not, but still, my goal in life is to just enjoy. I’m hoping it will have the same effect on my creativity.

The problem is I can still feel myself falling back. After the initial enjoyment had died down I still feel the grumpy side of me coming through, the depressed and unenthusiastic side. I know I will never banish that side for good, and I should probably feel happy that its been hidden away this long after it used to be my main side, but still I’m displeased to see it here again so soon.

In other news my creativity, while not advancing in the form of writing or photography, is taking a step forward in the form of making a board game with Woody when we’ve had our nights in. We’re hoping to make it as a little in-joke between friends and, to be honest, its brought with it some of the best, most genuine, laughs I’ve had in months.

Shaun Kellett

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