Whats Stuck and Whats Improving…

Yesterday I said I’m going to make an effort to change again. I stick by it. But rather then focus entirely on the negative I’m going to do a brief blog on the positive.

So what have I already changed?

Well, I’ve kept my new years resolution to join the gym and stick with it. Granted we’ve missed a few sessions here and there, and I have to literally be forced to go some nights, but I’m doing far more exercise then I was before. There’s no way that can’t be a positive.

I’m also more comfortable in my own skin. I’m a lot happier telling people about the real me, rather then trying to be someone I think they’ll prefer. I’m not 100% there yet. I still pause for a few seconds before speaking, or adjust my views a little depending who I’m speaking to, but hopefully I’ll get to the point where I am happy enough to stand by every one of my opinions, my loves and my hates, and just be me. Not giving a damn if people judge me this way or that. If all that goes to plan maybe I’d have some new found confidence too? Who knows.

I’m also trying to be a lot more positive and happy. It was going well for awhile but I can feel myself sinking every now and again. So I’ve got to change that. I feel that writing more, and just generally trying to have a positive attitude will contribute. I’ve even bought a whiteboard again to make me more productive. I’ll be hanging it above my desk so I can’t escape any responsibilities I’ve written for myself!

So heres to me… Lets keep it up shall we!


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