Weekend Plans

Ok so my week of productivity hasn’t gone hugely well. I’ve been absolutely shattered most days from Work, and if not from work then from when I get back from the Gym. But the week isn’t over and I’m going to utilize it!

This weekend I have one major plan and that’s to watch Star Wars!

I bought the Bluray’s like a Boss.

 So Friday will consist of Episodes 1 + 2.

Saturday will consist of Episodes 3 + 4.

Sunday will consist of Episodes 5 + 6.

Boom! What a weekend!

So you’re probably wondering how this helps my productivity and productivity… Well it kinda doesn’t. In fact it will make me incredibly UNproductive but still! Around watching these I’m determined to get my DSLR out and start taking more photo’s so hopefully I’ll have some to add Sunday night/Monday morning!

Shaun Kellett


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