Project One.


So yesterday I mentioned I was going to do a project. I like doing these as they give me something to work towards and something to concerntrate on. If I know I’ve told myself I’m going to do it, and I’ve made a physical (digital) note on here to do it, I’ve kind of got to or I’ll let myself down. Last one I did can be found imortalised HERE. I read Name of the Wind in a week. Before that, found HERE, I wrote a blog article a day for a week. This next one, the one I’m about to do and make note of here on my WordPress rather than my Blogger, will also be a week long but I hope it will also be carried out after the week and I’ll keep it up. I may even attempt to do it as a week, and if it goes well, I might upgrade it to a month and see how that goes…

So anyway you’re wondering what the Project is?

Well, here we go…


That’s right. Free Writing. A technique used by many writers. I’ve done it myself in the past, a few times in my Creative Writing classes in college, sometimes just on a whim, but recently I’ve been inspired to take it up again by someone I find… well, Inspiring. Tim Schafer, designer of one of my favourite games, Grim Fandango, and co-designer of one of my favourite series’, Monkey Island, he has made news recently for other reasons. For those of you not aware he created a Kickstarter to fund a new adventure game and it broke records raising over $4 million. (This can be viewed HERE, and its definitely worth a look) I decided to back him as soon as I knew he’d started it and, due to this, I’ve got access to the behind the scenes documentary. Within this Tim shows off his collection of journals which he free writes in, its here that many of his ideas were formed. I LOVE this idea. The fact he has a physical object where ideas have grown and stemmed from is, in my opinion, amazing and perhaps just the inspiration I need.

Because of this video, and because I’ve just been feeling genuinely negative recently about my lack of inspiration,  I have decided that a bit of free writing each day might be good for me and, who knows, ideas me.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to able to talk about in regards to it here. On the last projects I could keep updating. I even had a graph to show off my reading! But this time I can’t really show anything. I could talk about how it went but, if its unfruitful I wont have anything to say, and if its overly fruitful I might not want to share… For now we will see what happens and I’ll update when or when not to.

Shaun Kellett


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