All Change Maybe?

Today hasn’t been a great day.

Work has been monumentally busy this month, which was no change today, and for some reason I’ve felt awful. I’ve felt dizzy and my stomachs felt like an industrial washing machine. This didn’t help at the gym, where I did perhaps the worst run and least exercise I’ve ever done since starting. However, there is one bit of news which has made today particually bad.

Whilst at work, and unable to answer my phone, I received a call earlier from a number I didn’t recognise. A quick google lead me to understand it was the estate agents, I just figured they probably wanted to do an inspection. Shortly after they rang Woody, and he picked up. Turns out the landlord of this house, where we have only really just moved into, is now selling up. How this effects us, I’m not quite sure, but it can’t be good at any rate. We moved into this house about a month and a half ago and, in all honesty, I’ve loved living here. I’ve moved house so many times in the past year but I finally felt comfortable again. Now, it seems, the landlord doesn’t want to keep the property and will try to sell it on. The estate agents are currently ‘looking into’ what this means for us and checking out our contract, they could do it a little quicker mind.

I suppose this is the problem with rented properties…  But at the end of the day we can’t change matters, and at the end of the day things could be fine. The landlord could have trouble selling, or the new buyers may want to keep us on. The thing I hate most, however, is having strangers roam around my house. I hate viewings. I find it to be a horrible invasion of privacy, especially when its for somewhere I don’t own and is of no benefit to me. Selfish I know.

Another problem it brings up is what do I do if the place does get sold? Is this my oputunity to escape my so-called Rut? Do I quit my job and leave Derby? In all honesty, while it sounds poetic and brave, its probably not the best option for me and, as gay as it sounds, I’d miss Woody too much if I moved back home…

Things could completely change soon or they could simply stay the same. Only time will really tell!

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