Today is the last day of a long weekend, which is always sad. It means I have to go back to work tomorrow, if only for three days. This is rather depressing after enjoying some peace and quiet at home. I’ve mainly spent this weekend doing nothing, just watching E3 and keeping up to date on the latest gaming news. I love this time of year! It engages me and increases my passion for gaming and for wanting to work within the games industry. I would absolutely love to be there at E3, watching the new releases, finding out the news before anyone else. Damn, working in the industry is definitely my dream…

However, my passion for gaming isn’t what I wanted to write about today, I wanted to write about an idea that came to me last night. Over the weekend I haven’t just spent my hours watching E3 but I have in fact written something. This is pretty big news for me and, even though it isn’t finished, it marks the first fictional thing I have written in months. It was a story that came to me while free writing and I decided to just sit down and write it, I know, check me out with my motivation! It was going to be a short story about a character I already had planned. I thought it might help me to determine who he was, and how he would react to certain situations. I’ve always liked the idea of writing short stories for main characters, not only to flesh out their backstory, but also to just get to grips with the character themselves.

This is where my idea from last night comes in. I thought to myself, why not make a series? I’m not sure if its a good idea yet, but I’ll walk you through it. My original story had a set of ideas in place but it needed a lot more planning, I didn’t really know where it was going, or how it was ending. This doesn’t make for a good book. Then I started to think that the character I am writing about might work better in a series. I could start writing a set of short stories with an overall plot and direction. The stories could be self contained and work as stand alone, however I could be writing to a bigger ending or event. I’ve never considered doing anything like this before what so ever. I always think I have to write a long book but this way I can just write short stories and keep them updated online. I’m excited but I’m still not completely sold. A lot of planning will have to go into it, I’m going to make a time line and some character sheets and then decide if its a good idea. If I write up a plan and I’m still excited for it though, I might well start releasing a series based around this character. I might even set up a new blog for it so watch this space!

Shaun Kellett


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