Explaining Life.

Though its an impossible premise imagine, if you can, that you were tasked with explaining the concept of ‘life’ to something that had none.

I’d start by saying just how amazing it is. The perfect combination of many different things over a vast number of years contributed to life. It made us evolve, made us grow, and made us sentient. We can sit back and admire ourselves, marvel at our own biology and question with our own philosophy. There is a whole planet of different and wonderful cultures, where different groups of people have changed in different ways, but in others remained vastly the same. There are a wide number of foods around, meals to try and tastes to savour. There are almost countless pieces of music, ranging from the new mainstream, to old symphonies. There are films, books, computer games, etc. Other people live around you and you make connections with them every day. You experience emotions like happiness and love.  Emotions that make everything seem like the best it can be. Then, outside of humanity, there is nature to appreciate. We live in a vibrant and colourful world, with plants and animals, oceans and stars. The fact we are here, that we can see, and think, know and dream, is amazing. That we can process and appreciate all this information is amazing. That we have come so far in so many years, and probably still have further to go, is amazing. Life in general is, quite frankly, amazing… So where do we spend the majority of our time? At work, or asleep. We spend 8 hours a day in boring 9 – 5 jobs which provide little to zero fulfillment. We do this just to afford our other pleasures, or just to afford to live. We save up this money we make just so that, in the future, we can get away from actually doing this. To me it makes life so incredibly boring. It angers me just how much of my life I’ve spent not enjoying it. How many hours I’ve wasted speaking to ungrateful masses. How many times I’ve said “I’m bored”, or “I hate my life”. I spend nights just wallowing in a state where nothing can provide enjoyment all because  of my 9-5 job and lack of fulfillment. I know its never going to change and even the worst jobs need doing for us to maintain our society but I also know we don’t have to be so god damn miserable.

Shaun Kellett



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