An Update

I have been in a mood to write all day. My brain has been buzzing with ideas and themes to add to the Sci Fi series I am planning and, believe me, I am currently struggling to hold myself back from writing the first episode. Why? Because I go on Holiday on Sunday for a week and don’t want to loose the muse. I want to start writing the episodes when I can see free time ahead of me, and can keep putting them out one after another…

Now whether my brain has put me in the mood to write because it knows I have no time left before my holiday, or maybe its because a lot of my friends in Solihull are discussing Prometheus, I don’t know but I am not going to write it just yet. I decided to write out an update here instead.

So here’s my update. Currently things are so-so. Work is as boring as ever and most days I just want to quit. However, as I said above, I go on Holiday on Sunday. I am off to Cala Dor in Majorca. Should be pretty fun! I am off with 3 of the lads from home and I’m 100% positive we will share many laughs. I’m not too fussed about the whole ‘boozing’ holiday, where you get printed shirts and hit up the clubs every evening. Maybe its because I’m so afraid of being out of my cultural bubble and the idea of stumbling around drunk in a foreign place scares me a little. Though on the other hand I did fine in Barcelona, even when I walked home alone leaving Andy to lust after the two french girls we’d met. But personally I am quite happy with some good company and a few drinks… I’m not sure which this is going to be, but I’m hoping for a nice balance of the two. After all, it would do me a change to actually live a little.

In other areas of my life there is no news, but I’d like to also update you on my Sci Fi series. For those of you that read THIS post you will know what I mean. It seemed like a good idea at the time and most days it still does. I am still in the planning stages and I confess that I really haven’t done much recently. I’ve lost the knack of just sitting down and freewriting, something I hope to reclaim after my holiday. I partly think it’s due to me being in a position where I am ready to ahead and write the first few episodes. So any of my other planning is too far ahead. There isn’t going to be any big reveals in the first couple of episodes, so my planning is a lot of information I don’t need. In fact, I have planned a lot of stuff I don’t need anyway. I’ve done this because I think if you know the history and background of something, even if you never plan to write it, you’ll still understand the current state a lot more. For instance, if you have a character who you don’t follow from Birth then he or she clearly has a history. It’s a good idea to know roughly, if not exactly, what has happened in their life up and till this moment as it helps you round off the character and make them more believable. Or at least I think so. Now you may never ever visit this characters back story again, but if it exists then you understand your character and their behaviour a lot more.

I’ve also been put off planning by the fact I’m at a stage where I need names. I am absolutely awful with names. I can’t think up character names for the life of me, and as for the names of Alien Species? Forget it! Can’t do that at all. So that is definitely going to be a struggle and not one I look forward to. I have a list on my phone of random names that have occasionally popped into my head, and so far I have matched quite a few of them to characters but I really need to sit down and plan out some names before it all gets a bit messy.

So anyway, there are my updates! Sorry if its not all that interesting today, but I feel better for having written something at least.

Shaun Kellett


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