So I am back in the UK.

The past week, between 8th and the 14th I’ve been out in Majorca, a small, Spanish Island and frequent tourist destination. I went with my 3 friends, Andy, Gaz and Sid. We had a brilliant time and I really haven’t laughed that hard, or enjoyed myself that much, in a long time. The weather was beautiful. The scenery was beautiful. And all in all it was just brilliant to get away.


So what did we do?

Well it wasn’t your typical ‘Lads Holiday’. We hired a car on the Island and spent a lot of time driving from one side to the other. We visited the Cueves del Drach, which was awesome. You entered this dark, underground cave full of stalagmites and stalactites and then, in what was probably the heart of the cave, you took a seat by the water. After watching hundreds of people slowly walk to their seats the tour guide explained a little about the caves, though I missed this as Gaz chose to speak at exactly the same moment that the guide spoke in English. Then the lights went out and three boats, lit up with lights, slowly moved across the waters edge and played orchestral music.

We also visited the mountains and drove along their narrow roads. This was incredible and the sights were pretty breathtaking. I took a load of photos, though most were blurred as we were going too fast. Some of the ones I did get though are really nice and I need to find time to edit them, though I doubt I will before the weekend. They’ll be up on my Flickr though as soon as they are.

Other things that happened were Sid getting incredibly sunburnt. Andy smashing his head off a pole while trampolining. And I snorkled for the first time ever which I thought was phenomenal. Really loved it. I’ve never been able to open my eyes under water before, so being able to see what was beneath me, and see the fish swimming about, was truly remarkable. I’d love to go to a reef and see something more tropical though! We also spent time playing cards, drinking beer, and improving Sids vocabulary, with words like abhorrent, rue and chaff.

Well that’s it I think. Nothing new to report. Just got to adjust back to normal life and try to find something to look forward to! Any suggestions?




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