Books: My double edged sword.

So I’ve recently started reading again. That’s good right?

I’ve picked up ‘Ready Player One’ and ‘Hyperion’ to get me started. Both books recommended by close, well-read friends of mine. I started with Ready Player One and I have to say: I love it. To use Patrick Rothfuss’ quote from the front cover: “Completely fricking awesome… This book pleased every geeky bone in my geeky body. I felt it was written just for me.”  I’m currently at the stage where I don’t have much left, so I’m putting off finishing it as I don’t want it to end.

Whilst I’m enjoying these books though, what I’m also enjoying is leaving my laptop. It’s a challenge for me to leave my laptop but I’m getting better at it. I wake up in bed with my laptop next to me more times than I’ve ever woken up with a real person… Which sounds really sad. You see, for months, if not years, I’ve been in the habit of taking my laptop to bed with me. This will either be to watch a TV show, or to just refresh Facebook till I fall asleep. It’s usually a case of me spending so much time at my laptop, but not actually DOING anything at my laptop. A habit I was keen to break. So, now I now only take my laptop to bed at weekends, when the plan is to stay up late anyway. The other nights I’ve been leaving my laptop where it is now, in my study, and going to bed with a good book. Not only does this break me away from the computer monitor, but it allows me to enjoy reading again, something which is long overdue. For someone who claims his dream is to be an author I spend an almost depressingly small amount of time actually reading. So two birds one stone. I now break myself away from my computerised friend and manage to dive into a written world carefully laid out for me on paper.

There is one problem with this however. Most of my writing, be it short stories, emails, or blogs, was done at night on my laptop whilst I was in bed. It was done at times I couldn’t sleep, or times where I just became inspired in the evening. Sadly, if that happens now I don’t have my trusty laptop to my side and so my productivity with blogs, and writing, has took a huge dip. In fact, ever since my trip to Majorca in the previous article my productivity has dipped generally anyway so a combination of the two is rather bad.

But, having said that, I have just written an article on my Gaming Blog (Click it!) whilst sat at my desk. This has genuinely left me feeling inspired to write again. It really is the task of getting past that initial ten minutes of not knowing how to fill a blank page and getting into the flow of writing. So hopefully tonight has got the ball rolling again and hopefully it’s not prone to stopping. I might be able to invest more of my time, whilst I’m at my desk, to do some writing! That’s what we’re all keen to see, right?

Shaun Kellett


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