I need Discipline. And I don’t think I’m the person to give it to me.

This week I’ve AGAIN restarted my ‘Lets do some writing every night for a week’ campaign and I just need to stick with it. I fell out the habit fairly easily, after the motivation died down. It was a classic move by me. I got really excited about something, thought it would change my life, continued it for a few weeks, then stopped. As soon as I stop, I put it off. It takes one failure for me to start the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ routine, but tomorrow never comes. Problem with this, besides the obvious lack of productivity during these times, is that without practice you actually start to get worse. I sat down today, with my notepad, ready to write, and it was dreadful. I just don’t have the mindset. Near the end of it last time though, when I had been writing every day, I was coming up with a fair few good ideas which I noted down for later. I got complacent, I stopped, then I lost what ability I’d obtained from it in the first place.

And this is the same with going to the gym. Man, I HATE going to the gym. Honestly, it bores me to tears and it makes me think of the time I could be spending doing something I enjoy more. Honestly I probably wouldn’t spend that extra time doing anything different to what I normally do at home, where I sit here refreshing the internet or playing a game. The fact is though, the grass looks greener on the other side, and while I’m at the Gym I immediately start to think how much writing I could be doing instead. Fact of the matter is though, I’ve started going again. Last week marked my first week of going to the Gym again, Tuesday and Thursday. It was good, I felt a bit better for it, but I couldn’t do anywhere near what I used to. I was tired after running at a lower speed, for a shorter time, and I was sweating buckets. I also managed to make almost every muscle in my body ache, simply from doing less than I’d have done last time. Just like the writing, its going to take a bit of work and discipline to get back up to that level again.

So I suppose I should now sumarise and tell you HOW I’m going to discipline myself? Well… I don’t honestly know. I really don’t have a clue. Any ideas anyone?

I’m thinking of printing out a calender to stick to my wall, and tick off all the days I do some writing. I got the idea from Charlie McDonnell in THIS video. Seems like it might work, and I have something to show for the work I did… We shall see.

Shaun Kellett



One thought on “Discipline

  1. Edyta

    I am in your shoes now… I also need discipline. I think about discipline of learning English… It’s still too poor. ;/ From then on I discovered flash cards with english vocabulary I use them. But if my motivation die I will stop learn new words and after that I am not able to start do it again… Grr. It’s so tiring!
    Thank you. I enjoy reding you here. 🙂
    And I keep my fingers crossed for you!!


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