Day 1 – The Change

Day 1 is off to a rough start, especially with the past revelations still fresh and raw; open wounds that can’t easily be stitched or bandaged over. The sense of drive I felt yesterday is somewhat knocked back already and my confidence in myself is yet again challenged as I’m faced with decisions…. And whether or not I’m ever making the right one.

What keeps me going is knowing that yesterday was real. Knowing that I published that blog post feeling those emotions so passionately; that I embarked on this journey of change.

I never expected this to be an easy feat. I didn’t think I’d wake up today, after everything, and be anything more than a shell of my former self. Neither was I expecting another, or several other, hurdles, but that’s what I’ve had. Not undeservedly, mind you. The hurdles are appropriate for the course.

I just to exert a bit more energy into this. I just have to keep reframing my thoughts.

This too shall pass


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