Fear of Missing Out

I briefly mentioned the “Fear of Missing Out” in my earlier post, but I wanted to touch on it some more.

I feel some, definitely not all, but some of my negativity recently has stemmed from this fear. Or, more to the point, this jealousy.

My friends are the sort of people that make plans at the last minute, Saturday nights don’t often get planned until Fridays, sometimes not even til the Saturday. I, most usually, already have plans. There are a few ways to take it… One, you could look at it as missing out on a spontaneous night out, laughs with friends, and jokes you won’t get on the Sunday. Though it’s entirely possible that this will be the case, it leads to some quite negative thinking… You spend more time thinking about what you’re missing than why you’re missing it… Which is because already have plans!

The reason my friends make such last minute plans isn’t through sheer spontaneity; it’s because they lack any other plan. So whilst they’re out on a night out, which could, by all means, be the best night out they’ve ever had, it’s a much better mentality to think how lucky I am to already be busy… And how my plans probably outweigh theirs in a lot of ways!

This fear, or jealousy, can be a very negative influence… It hampers your appreciation of what you have, simply because you’re idolising what you don’t.

The lesson here? Appreciate the things you have, appreciate that you are able to be busy, appreciate the people who care enough to be busy with you.


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