Through the Long Days

We all have those long days. Days where you have too much to do, or you’re stressed, or tired, or upset, or just bored. Days that don’t fly by but instead drag unto infinity. When I woke up I could tell that today was going to be one of those days.

I haven’t been sleeping well recently. My head hits the pillow, I fall dead asleep, but I wake up tired, unrested, almost like I never went to bed. Normally I can handle being tired, often I bring it on myself with late nights gaming or watching YouTube/Netflix, but these days I find myself frustrated more than anything. Being tired can have a bigger effect on you than just pure energy, it makes the hardships seem harder, and it makes positivity seem that bit too much effort. It’s easy to sink lower when you’re tired. It’s harder to stay afloat. So I wanted to combat it.

Right now, at this stage in life, I’m about change and I’m about positive mentality. So, I’m not letting tiredness bring me down. Instead, I’m… Changing my phone lockscreen. What? OK, not the biggest change but hear me out.

For almost a year my phone lockscreen has been a picture of my Girlfriend and I. It’s a great picture. One of my favourites of us. But I’ve had it around 49 weeks now. I barely even notice it’s there anymore. So instead I’ve changed it to a different picture of my girlfriend; another of my favourites. Now when I check my phone, which I do often on these long dragging days, I’m caught a little off guard (in a good way!). I sit up because I notice the picture, and it makes me smile, and it has that uplifting effect on my day. The photo keeps me going, and makes me think, what other little changes could I make? To my day, to my routine, or just to my perspective.

I might be too tired for almost everything today, but I’m not too tired to smile at a picture that warms my heart. Some days I think that’s enough.

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