Practicing What I Preach

It might come as a shock but I’m a bit of a know it all, a self described good council for others without necessarily having the results to back it up… In the worst case, I can end up pushing my beliefs onto people; beliefs about happiness, positivity, and the way forward in life. As arrogant as I may seem at times, I try to be as objective as possible and try to give advice I think is for the best… Except when it comes to myself.

A couple of days I found myself becoming annoyed with one of my friends for lacking in motivation. We’re working on a project together and I was trying to turn the embers of inspiration into a raging fire of ideas, but it wasn’t happening, he was disheartened by the task ahead… So I became irritated, though I didn’t show it, and I wondered why he couldn’t just feel inspired like me. I started telling him about all the good things that can come from our project, the end goal, the fun, the creativity, all those things that, even while typing now, give me a buzz of excitement… And as I got excited talking to him I asked myself “why can’t he see how exciting this is?!” before finally asking myself “Why don’t I see things like this usually?”.

Anyone who knows me knows just how unmotivated I can be; heck, probably about 90% of my blog articles are about motivation, either lacking it, losing it, or trying to find it. So who am I to get irritated that someone else was unmotivated while I wasn’t? His thoughts and feelings were very understandable, realistic even, and they were some I was often haunted with in my own life. I realised how similar his situation seemed to the usual Me, I realised the advice I was giving him was aimed more at me, it’s what I’d want to hear when I was down. So why don’t I tell myself that? Why do I lose motivation continually and not follow my own advice?

And I’ve noticed this elsewhere. Whenever anyone is down, disheartened, frustrated, annoyed, I’m there with my spiel about positive mental attitudes and life being too short… But when I’m feeling down my own advice falls on deaf ears… Or doesn’t get said at all.

I’ve realised that I need to talk to myself more and, maybe even more importantly, I need to listen to myself more. I need to be my own inspiration. The words of encouragement and positivity I gave to him, are words I need to give myself when I’m down. I need to start to practice what I preach.

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