Best Laid Plans

Life is predictably unpredictable. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow.

You’ll notice the theme of this blog has been very much about sorting out life, pushing forward with motivation, trying to achieve what I want out of my future. That sort of thing. The lesson I’ve learnt this week is that you can’t plan for everything, and you certainly can’t gaurentee those plans despite your better efforts. Most importantly, it’s taught me not to get frustrated.

It’s easy to think that “this is the week I’ll do X”, and it’s just as easy to have something come a long that puts X on a back burner. It may, or may not, be your own fault; it may, or may not, be anyone’s fault. Sometimes your plans will to awry and sometimes you just have to take this as what it is; Life happening.

It’s also an important reminder to live for today. I’m a big procrastinator, my University IS was based on Procrastination, but I’ve started to learn the value of doing things right away. We can make our excuses, blame our situations, but at the end of the day we are our own responsibility. If we can do what we set our minds to even in the worst circumstances, we show ourselves what we can achieve in the best. If circumstances mean we do have to change our plans, then by not getting frustrated we show ourselves we’re still moving forward, and we’re not getting disheartened.

The week I had planned out has ended up being a lot different in actuality; that’s nobodies fault. What came up was actually pretty major and none of previous plans even come near it in significance. An old part of me may have felt I was just making an excuse… It was another reason to put off things… Which was just a spiral of negativity to go down. I know in my heart my mind is still set on the things I want to do and a week delay means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Let’s push forward.

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