The Passion Approach (or, diving into passion)

If you’re anything like me you probably have a few hobbies that you’re truly passionate about. Maybe it’s reading, writing, or photography, and you tell people you love nothing more than to be  doing these activities… Yet you never do. This is my constant problem.

Despite telling people I love writing, despite having an imagination that swells with all kinds of plots and characters, I don’t actually make the time to BE passionate about my passion. Without even realising it, I hinder myself with excuses, by wasting my time doing other, less meaningful things, and then complaining I haven’t had time to do what I enjoy; I’ll have a mid-month crisis that I’m not investing time in my writing or my photography.

Then, on the other hand, sometimes I’ll be forced to focus on my passion, attending a writing class or being hired to shoot a wedding, and these will spur me on. Yesterday I had one such incident and I had an epiphany.

Yesterday, I was contacted by a Bride-to-be who wanted to hire us for her wedding. A friend had recommended us, she’d seen our portfolio, and now she wanted to book us. BOOM; That was it. Suddenly a euphoria began to surface, an excitement swelled within me; I was inspired. Was it simply the recognition? It certainly felt incredible to have a complete stranger decide our work was good enough to capture her special day… But there was more to it. I was actually investing time into one of my big passions and that felt so good. This was my future coming together and it felt so right.

This is where the Passion Approach comes in. When I’m forced into spending my time on my passion I’m hit with a wave of positivity; a positivity I don’t even realise I’m missing until then. I’m always so much happier when I’ve spent time on my hobbies and my creative side and I need to remember to make time for them, rather than letting them slip.

This post might sound a bit… Strange. If I’m passionate about something, why do I need to be forced to do things? Why don’t I do things for the sake of doing them? But some hobbies and interests take a big investment of time and effort, and with the constant hubbub of every day life we can sometimes overlook them for easier options. I can often find time to fit in a video game, or a quick YouTube program, but I need to find time to fit in my creative hobbies too. I need to remember that these things are my passions for a reason; that I need to make time for them and to be… Well, passionate.

6 thoughts on “The Passion Approach (or, diving into passion)

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  4. Luke Woods

    As you know, I am a ‘be productive’ master…. Or like to think I am.. Yet over recent months this has taken a nose dive. And it seems that the older I get the shorter the days get. Something needs to change… Change is good.

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    1. Life seems to be full of priorities these days that AREN’T taking care of your own hobbies… We have jobs, friends, families. I know I’m preaching to the choir when I say this next bit… But I feel so busy! I need to specifically schedule some time to be creative!


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