Leaving the EU: My Thoughts.

Those of you that know me will know I’m an advocate for positivity and compassion. In everything I do, every situation I come across, I try to see the good in that scenario. It’s hard sometimes, ridiculously hard, but I try.

With today’s news, and the outcome of the EU Referendum, I struggle to find the words. I struggle to put down in writing the absolute shame I feel for my country and I struggle even more so to see the silver lining in these dark, thundering clouds above. The outcome of today fills me with a white hot anger mixed with an amalgam of equal parts shame and disgust; it’s a difficult emotion to find myself processing. I find myself angry that our country is taking these backwards steps, angry that people voted without thought of consequence, and I’m especially angry at the lies and bullshit our media and spokespeople have been leading us to believe. This is not what almost half our nation wanted and it certainly doesn’t bode well for the future of either the UK or the world.

That said, I want to try and reframe my outlook and, whilst I certainly can’t find anything positive to say about this farce, I can perhaps find compassion. For better or worse our country has made a decision and, whether it was made intentionally or not, all of us have to deal with these consequences. We need to face them head on; we need to face them in unity.  It is easy to point fingers of blame, to ostracise those we don’t agree with, but that serves no purpose beyond pettiness and smug self satisfaction if all goes wrong.

There are people now living in our country, people who came to our country for a better life, who feel scared, isolated, and unwelcome; more so than they probably felt before. We have to show that we are still human beings, that we’re still capable of being loving, emphatic humanitarians. We shouldn’t roll over and be defeated, but at the same time we mustn’t foster hatred between ourselves.We can have the discussion, we can potentially try for another referendum, but we should not split ourselves further than we’ve already come. It was divide that brought us to this debate; it was fear that won it. If we loved and cared for each other, as selflessly as we would look after our own close family, we wouldn’t be in such a horrid, unthinkable mess. All of us have to deal with this situation now, so each and every one of us should support the other as best we can. We’re not just looking out for ourselves, but for every single other person on this planet.

2 thoughts on “Leaving the EU: My Thoughts.

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