Word-High July

I’ve decided to take part in Wordhigh July; a word challenge with an open invite that you can find here.
I’ve seen a few word-prompts scattered about on WordPress, but this is the first challenge I’ve been genuinely excited about. Is that because I found it based on recommendation of fellow blogger Sam at Mousehound Writes? (Partly!) Is it due to the use of a Patrick Rothfuss quote at the top of the initial Wordhigh July invite post? (No; but that got me very intrigued!) Or was it just the use of 30 Beautiful words with which to challenge ourselves as writers? (Bingo!)
In fact, it was a little bit of all these things and a little bit more. I want to pursue challenges with my writing, but at the same time I want to actually have fun with it. For me writing has always been a solitary practice, something I did late at night with only the comforting glow of my PC screen, or to escape the everyday boredom of work on my lone lunch break. It was never something I really shared with anyone; I never even read my work aloud.
That’s changed recently; I have more direction. Wordhigh July looks like just the sort of thing to help me keep this motivation going. It’s open, carefree, and promotes sharing from all people of all cultures and hobbies. The words and their meanings are beautiful and naturally inspiring, and I can’t think of any better muse for a series of short pieces. So, in keeping with these gorgeous prompts, I will be trying to write 30 positive, loving pieces. I wont be posting them daily, as not to bog you readers down with my work, but instead every Friday I will compile them all into one long post for all to see. Who knows, since I’m also big on my photography right now I might throw in a photo or two as well!
A special shout out has to be made to Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and Rosema of A Reading Writer, without who this challenge wouldn’t exist!

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