Word-High July: Kilig



His fingers shook with nerves and anticipation; tracing unseen circles on her thigh. Their chests rose and sank with shallow breaths and anxious heart beats; the once rhythmic patters now lost within a cadence of their own. He smiled, she bit her lip. Entwined together, skin caressing skin, they were lost unto each other. In this moment only they existed, in this moment only passion existed. Both absorbed within their long awaited intimacy; each wordlessly willing the other to move first.

This is Entry #1 for the WordHigh July Challenge of 30 Beautiful Filipino Words!


9 thoughts on “Word-High July: Kilig

  1. Her head nestled on his shoulder, long soft fingers traveled the crook of his neck, and behind those closed eyes he knew what’s next—or so he thought. For just like a thief that crept on his sleep, he didn’t see it coming. He let an initial gasp of pain escape as she lunged and sank her teeth into the depths of his flesh while her lips sealed the skin of his throat. She gurgled and slurped his blood, now soured by greed, as his neck bone crushed under her teeth. Lethargy sets in and he could feel your life draining away.

    ~Urgh! Apologies. You got me carried away!! Loved your take and the vivid descriptions. So… sensual! Now this definitely is a lot more than “kilig” 😀


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