Word-High July: Pagsamo


Jack splashed cold water from the sink onto his face; his skin as pale as pure cocaine. He took a deep breath, in a vain attempt to refill his lungs, then slammed his hands against the pristine marble surface.

“Please!” He shouted into the mirror “I just need one more win!”

In the reflection behind him, sat on a posh bathroom sofa of the Las Vegas casino, was a woman. She had long, whiskey brown hair, which curved down her shoulders and accentuated her hourglass physique. The woman smiled at Jacks’ outcry and lit a cigarette with slender fingers.

“You’ve said that before,” She said, inhaling some smoke “And you swore it’d be the last.” She punctuated her sentence with a puff of cream coloured smoke, before lying back into the sofa.

“I know” Said Jack, his tear filled eyes still fixated on the woman’s reflection “But they’ve got me out there. They’ve got my house, my car, I just need it back!”

The woman laughed at Jacks desperation, her once warm and inviting smile now seeming more sinister in tone.

“But that’s your fault, my dear” She said, dabbing her cigarette to the side; no ash tray in sight.

“I thought you were on my side!” Jack yelled, his palms pressing hard against the counter whilst his legs bent with emotional agony.

“Oh you silly man” Said the woman “I’m on nobodies side. It depends purely how I feel… That’s why sometimes they call me Lady Luck, and other times I’m just Miss Fortune”

Jack span round, falling to his knees. He was ready to offer his life and soul, but, when he opened his eyes, she was gone.


This is entry #9 for the WordHigh July Challenge of 30 Beautiful Filipino Words!

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