Word-High July: Indak


He awoke screaming; but there was no sound. Around him, blue and green tunics stood solemnly, their faces and movements blurring into a swirling sea. He screamed again, but no words left his mouth, just the empty clicking of his jaw. He tried to reach up, but there was nothing, his limbs lay limp at his side; unmoved. Slowly, one by one, the tunics faded away from his bedside horizon and he was left with the blinding hospital lights above, his vision burning away with each passing moment. He tried to toss, he tried to turn, but in the end he closed his eyes and he slept.

When he awake for a second time, it was clear hours had passed. The once blinding lights were now black, and the hospital room looked almost ethereal in the moonlight gleaming through the open window. Suddenly, he became aware of his breath, it frosted up in front of him like a winters night. In fact, now he noticed it, an edge of frost coated the metal rails along his bed. He sat up in amazement; snowflakes were pushing through the billowing curtain and twirling in the middle of the ward. He was stunned for awhile, just watching, and his attention only broke when he realised he wasn’t their only witness. At the end of his bed stood a woman, clad entirely in black lace. Though her face was covered by a shadow-like veil, he could feel her eyes meeting his. He watched her for a moment, as entranced as he had been at all of the nights happenings, and she reached out, beckoning him with one aged arm to come closer.

“I know you, don’t I?” he said, his voice hoarse from days unused. The woman nodded, lifting her veil.

“Lola?” He whispered, his voice cracking now through tears rather than lack of use. “But… But it’s been years” He stammered whilst choking back on upset, his tear-ducts springing into life and leaving icy trails down his cheeks. The lady, Lola, smiled and nodded; her hand beckoned him closer.

He sprung from his bed at her request, shocked to feel his old legs hold him where they once failed. He walked up to his vision and took her cold hand. It chilled his skin, but somehow he found comfort there. Then he looked up to her smile, a smile he had remembered for nearly fifteen years. When all else was failing him, he still remembered the subtle contortions of her face and whatever chill was in the air dissipated when he saw her smile.

“I don’t understand” he said slowly, not taking his eyes from hers.

“You will” She said softly, in a voice that spoke directly to his soul.

Instinctively, he took her figure into his arms, his hand placed on her waist, and he moved with her; he didn’t question it. For some reason it felt so right, for some reason he knew he’d just been waiting fifteen years to dance with her. As they moved together, their bodies as one, his once deaf ears heard the orchestral strings playing their favourite song. It started quietly, but soon it was all around them, the notes almost as visible as the snowflakes from before. They swayed together, their smiles beaming, their eyes longing. He felt peaceful with her, he felt purpose. Neither timed how long they danced, for it had been too long. They savoured each and every moment, dancing eternally, and neither noticed that the sterile and lifeless hospital backdrop had finally dissolved and faded to black.


This is entry #10 for the WordHigh July Challenge of 30 Beautiful Filipino Words!

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