Word-High July: Kaulayaw



By the time Ahnah got back to the hut the sun had long set below the horizon. The wind had been picking up for hours now and the snow was only getting worse; even with her fur lined coat cocooned around her the air sent shivers along her bones. Luckily for Ahnah, she could see the warm campfire just up ahead. It was a great sight to see after a long days trek.

“Well done Tempest” She said, hugging the wolf tightly when she saw it. Tempest panted enthusiastically, his white fur was extra bleached with snow, but his blue eyes were still as piercing as ever. Whilst Ahnah had been out hunting, he had guarded the hut and maintained the fire with the sticks and logs they’d acquired a few nights previous. Tempest was her only companion, and she his, and together they survived out here in the snowy wasteland. Ahnah surveyed the wood pile to make sure they could still last some days before restocking. If not, it would mean a long journey for the both of them, taking it in turns to pull the sled. Right now though, the pile would last, as would the food stock. Ahnahs empty pockets from today didn’t seem quite so bad anymore.

With her loyal canine at her side and a roaring fire in front of her, Ahnah felt warm once again. She took off her thick gloves and warmed them above the flames; she hadn’t realised how numb she’d been until she felt the blood pulsing through her fingers once again. Tempest nuzzled her arm with his snout, eager to be involved in the heat.

“Now we’re both warm” She said, cuddling the wolf tightly. As Tempest’s eyes smiled at her she felt content once again. The long journey may have been fruitless, and she may have originally returned disheartened, but with Tempest near her it was impossible to be downhearted. Around them the wind was picking up again, carrying streams of snowflakes with it. Tempest pulled away for a second to toss another stick into the centre and the fire roared in response, as though it was adamant on keeping them warm.

“What would I do without you?” Said Ahnah playing with the wolfs ears, Tempest looked back bemused, his head tilted to the side. Ahnah opened her mouth in mock disbelief.

“You don’t think I’d survive do you!” She said, trying to hide her laughter as she teased him. “How very dare you!” He pulled away, lying down and covering his snout with his paws; an embarrassment showing in his icy eyes.

“OK OK!” She said laughing. She put her arm around him once again and he returned to his jovial self. Together they admired the fire, watching the flames flicker in th wind.

“You’re right though” Ahnah said thoughtfully, “I’d definitely be lost without you”


This is entry #17 for the WordHigh July Challenge of 30 Beautiful Filipino Words! Not as happy with this one as yesterdays, but it is what it is!


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