Word-High July: Paraluman


It was her bright, blue eyes which caught his attention first; none of the other girls had quite a striking gaze. There was just something about the way she looked at him, with eyes like rarest sapphires, or tropical lagoons, that excited his very soul. If he were a painter, he would capture them there, on his page. Alas, he lacked the required artistry and, even so, knew of no palette in the world to do their colour justice.

Her hair then, perhaps, itself like darkened caramel, which smoothly traced the curves of her cheek and lay on her perfect porcelain white shoulders. It moved with every laugh and look, and it swayed in the slowest motions. If he were a sketch artist, perhaps, he could draw the very motion of her hair and imprint its motion on the page. Alas, his skill with drawing, whilst not the worst, would never fully show her flowing mane.

Maybe her mind then, he considered. Her sharp wit and vast knowledge enough to make the most arrogant scholars humble. It was through her fierceness of thought inspired imagination that she did fully ensnare his heart. Her personality and mind were truly entities worthy of residence in such a beautiful vessel. If he was a writer, maybe he could describe her to the world in prose and poetry, so all would know of her beauty inside and out. Alas, he didn’t have the words to describe such a divine woman, and his limited vocabulary made his scratchings’ on paper seem more akin to insult than flattery.

In fact, his skills didn’t lend themselves well to her most alluring intricacies; the tweak of her nose and the way that she laughed. He couldn’t capture colour, or motion, or strength of character. So he did what he could with the abilities he had. He immortalised her figure, her hourglass curves, in the finest marble available. He took time and care with chisel and pick, to truly define the beauty in her smile. The sculptor laboured on his work for many days and nights, never truly resting til she was complete. When his work was finished, every last piece of her lovingly carved, he looked on her with longing eyes, and he wished the Gods his muse was his for ever more.


This is entry #18 for the WordHigh July Challenge of 30 Beautiful Filipino Words!

Interesting fact #1: this piece almost had a very different ending.

Interesting fact #2: I haven’t been naming my work for this challenge, but if I had to give today’s piece a different name, I would call it Pygmalion.

Hope you enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Word-High July: Paraluman

  1. Oh my gosh this was stunning to read! Your descriptions are moving, and vivid. There’s so much love in the lines, it was easy for me to picture the narrator in love with his muse of a woman and frustrated that nothing could quite capture the essence of his muse, and I like that at the end, he found his own way to immortalize her. Truly well done here!

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