5 Years On…

So on this morning I was greeted by this lovely message on WordPress saying “Achievement: 5 Years on WordPress”.

Wordpress 5

It got me thinking that, I haven’t actually spent 5 Years on WordPress… I haven’t spent anywhere even close to that. When I set up my WordPress – 5 years ago it seems! – I was using it as a personal catalogue of my thoughts… An agony aunt with which to soundboard my thoughts and feelings. I was in a particular moment of my life where I wasn’t happy; I was living with my Ex and we were at breaking point, I was fearful I was about to lose my job, and I was the sole provider for our rented house. I could really feel it all collapsing around me with no place to turn… So I turned here.

The good thing is that writing helped me. I have always found writing therapeutic; it lets me turn my jumbled thoughts into some sort of organised chaos. The amount of revelations I’ve had while writing in journals, or blog posts, is incredible, and it’s the first thing I’d recommend to anyone suffering with stress or negative thoughts. It really does help you to get it all down on (electronic) paper.

That said, it means my blog really was just a journal for my negative thoughts. My blog became a place I turned to in a time of need, but at no other times. Whilst there is definitely value in that, it’s not what I wanted to use my blog for. I wanted to use it to make connections to people, to find people from all walks of life. I want to meet writers, poets, photographers, painters. People still in school, people who have now retired. That’s where I saw a true value in blogging; in forming that connection and sharing our viewpoints and knowledge.

So, I’ve been trying a lot harder and I’ve been taking blogging more seriously. The evidence is all around me, every morning I can check my newsfeed and see beautiful pieces of art, written/drawn/shot, and I can hear stories from all around the world. I connect with you all through what you say and what you write, what you draw and what you picture. It’s touching to see so many different people from across the globe touching each others lives.

I may be 5 years on from the beginning, and it may have taken 5 years to finally get the momentum I need, but it’s finally here. This is what I truly wanted from my blog and it feels great to be making progress with it!

13 thoughts on “5 Years On…

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  2. Congratulations! If not for the 5 years then for the overall achievement because as you say, you’re now where you want to be with it. Here’s to further progress in your blogging years to come!

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