The Captains Storm: A 3LT


The brilliant white light cut across its canvas; filling the space betwixt the storm and the stars.

Beneath maddened, purple clouds the turbulent sea jostled its once loyal voyagers with no regard for their welfare.

Holding fast, the rails of his quarter deck pushing deep into his diaphragm, the Captain winced as sharp, white fire struck wood and his main mast burst asunder.


Once again another fantastic prompt by Sonya over at the lovely Only 100 Words! Today’s prompt can be found in all it’s glory over here (and what a good one it is today!).

20 thoughts on “The Captains Storm: A 3LT

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  2. Quintessential Editor

    Awesome! As someone who spent my early adult years sailing the oceans on a warship, I can tell you a storm at sea is something to behold. Our ship was 844 feet long and would be tossed around like a toy. This post conjured up those memories well. Great work!

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    1. I’ve only ever been on a boat once and it was a little speed boat my dad’s friend. I don’t know whether it was age or lack of sea legs but I definitely wasn’t well… I don’t envy the real life experience of being tossed around in a storm! But I’m glad I could capture it somehow 😉

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