Alicia’s Dead: A #WritePhoto


I‘ve been wanting to take part in Sue’s #WritePhoto for awhile now… But sadly I was too slow in writing something for the last prompt! So, I’ve kept it short and sweet this week just to make sure I hit the deadline! (And honestly because I’m more than a little obsessed with Three Line Tales!)

Today’s prompt is: Glimpsed

Alicia had been watching through her winter-frosted window when the dead arose; their shambling shapes emerging from upturned earth.

She’d first caught a glimpse of Uncle Eamonn, who they’d buried three years previous; his face lacking it’s once crimson glow and his stomach now billowing over his waistline in more ways than one.

With slow, sure movements Alicia took up her Silvers – an assortment of daggers, swords and other sharp implements all coated in silver plate –  and got ready for the Long Night; she’d remind them they were dead before she was through.


16 thoughts on “Alicia’s Dead: A #WritePhoto

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