Far, Far Away: A MicroFiction


Todays Prompt: Far Far Away

Far, far away; past the salt flats and across the marshes, where the emerald grass grew long and vibrant, the golden walled city of Aurela sat in quiet majesty. Aurela was known across the land as the City of Prosperity. It existed to be an almost unachievable dream, a place which man, woman, and child alike aspired to reach; a place they and their families could live for ever more.

Against all odds, Jonah had made the journey by himself. Clad in his father’s old clothes and carrying a walking stick he’d fashioned from an old willow branch, Jonah had crossed the lands that many deemed too treacherous. It hadn’t been easy, he admitted that much, but to his surprise the city had been exactly where the stories had said, looking exactly as the tales had described.

Jonah rapped his stick against the golden doors, which stood bordered by beautifully carved walls, and awaited his grand welcoming. Nothing came. Curious, he thought, knocking the great doors once more. He waited again, but still nothing came. Growing impatient Jonah pushed open the heavy doors before him and, whilst shielding his eyes from its midday glow, stepped into the city; it was deserted.


Today’s picture, and prompt, were supplied by the lovely Jane Dougherty over on her site. She’s been a loyal follower of my blog for awhile now and, to my embarrassment, I only realised yesterday that she runs her own Weekly Writing Prompt! So you can expect to see these cropping up on my pages on a weekly basis as I continue my Writing Prompt addiction!


13 thoughts on “Far, Far Away: A MicroFiction

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    1. I actually don’t have a sequel for this one! I wanted it to be a lesson that, even though so many people dismiss their dreams as unobtainable illusions, dreams can be achieved; you just need the bravery and determination to reach them yourself!


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