Prompting Passion (Or Passionate Prompts?)

My mind is being taken over by Prompts… And I love it!

The reason I started taking my blog seriously was to reinvigorate my creativity; I wanted to shake myself out of my every day comatose state and get back to my true passions. I needed to discipline myself and I desperately needed an outlet… I like to think it’s a success, but what do I owe it to? Well; Prompts!

One thing I’ve found in abundance on WordPress is the inspirational posts of other Authors and Photographers, Editors and Artists. So I thought I’d do a quick shout out to those who’s Prompts have been inspiring me. (Sure there’s the automated daily WordPress prompt… But it’s so impersonal! Don’t you think?)

It’s no secret that I got started on this Prompt Passion because of WordHighJuly. A month of daily Philipino words hosted by Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and Rosema of A Reading Writer. I did a Lessons Learnt from WordHighJuly that you can read and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Since then, I’ve also been taking part in Sarah’s prompts over at 100Words. I’m in love with these and they have quickly become a favourite. I love the challenge of conveying a scene or story in just 3 lines; it realy makes you stop and think about almost all aspects of your writing. Last weeks compilation can be found here. You’ll notice one of my stories is in there and I’m honestly quite proud of the work I’ve been doing for this challenge. So much so, in fact, that I’m not ashamed to link you to yesterday’s piece: The Captains Storm. I’d love to know what you think! 

In keeping with the Three Lines Theme, Sacha’s latest Writespiration on her site helped me to get started on WiP Wednesday. I don’t really need to sing the praises of Sacha’s site, writespiration or otherwise, as it seems everyone on WordPress is familiar with her stellar posts.  (But seriously, if you haven’t checked out her site yet, do so now!)

Other Prompts of note are Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto. Each week Sue posts an intriguing photo and invites us budding Authors to create something with it. I’ve been watching for a couple of weeks now, sadly running out of time to take part in last weeks prompt, but you’ll notice I finally got myself sorted! I posted my response to this weeks prompt earlier, but you can go straight to it here: Alicia’s Dead.

Frank, at DutchGoesThePhoto posts some fantastic photography and some prompts that create some equally fantastic entries. It saddens me to mention this one, as for weeks now I’ve been dying to get round to taking part. Maybe even tying the prompt into my Wordless Wednesday for Level Up Photography… But alas, time continually gets the better of me. I don’t get as much time to edit photos as I do to write, as I edit at my PC, but have conditioned myself to write on the move! I’m keen that I’ll take part one day… Still, I can’t get enough of good photography and I love seeing what everyone else comes up with! Check out the latest Round-Up Here with the theme of Blue.

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve discovered that Jane puts up prompts over on her site here. How did I not know this earlier? You can check out this weeks compilation to see some great written works based around her “Rainbow” prompt. I’ll definitely be taking part in this weeks! (Maybe even later Today?!)

So there we have it: Prompts! Challenges! Things to inspire! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll set my own prompt?

Do you use prompts? Maybe you could link me to some! Or better yet, why not link me to your entries?! I’d love to read them. I’m always on the hunt for inspiration… Even when it’s taking over my mind!

6 thoughts on “Prompting Passion (Or Passionate Prompts?)

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