The Midnight Raid: A Microfiction


She awoke to the sound of the front door bursting open, the sound of the once sturdy lock tearing away from the frame, as leather-clad boot broke wood. Suddenly awake, and already drenched in terror-induced sweat, Kate sprang from the covers; the cold evening air sending shivers across her pale skin.

The screams came next, maids, servants, the guests in her parents Parlour; each more terrified then the last, as footsteps stormed through the hallways. Kate wrenched the sheets from her vacant bed and cocooned herself; a feeble protection against what she knew would happen next.

The screams and footsteps had stopped in unison, an eerie silence fell. Then it came, just as expected. The unmistakable shout of her father matched by an unmistakable shot from a musket. Kate winced beside her bed, crystal clear tears forming in her eyes. Her Father had claimed they were untouchable between these four brick walls, safe from the outside world, but his arrogance had been his downfall. His empire was now crumbling; his death was simply the start.


This is a Microfiction inspired by the above painting as part of Jane Dougherty’s weekly challenge! I also strongly encourage taking a look at Jane’s Blog if you don’t already!


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