The Demon: A FFfAW Challenge


The demon had appeared on the highway; the weight of its crimson-hoofed feet sending quakes along the concrete. Around it, drivers swerved to avoid collision, their passengers rubbing blurry eyes and bringing their own sanity into question.

In the sky above, a traffic reporter eagerly taped the hysteria, grasping the sudden opportunity. His moment of fame was short lasting, however. The demon launched itself into the sky and, with white-hot claws, it tore the chopper apart; showering the ground in liquid metal.

With cockpit in tow, the demon fell to the earth like a meteor, slamming into the now-empty road. The resulting sound rebounded off surrounding skyscrapers; the crunch of metal mangling flesh. There was a shriek. With blood covered claws the otherworldly beast found itself impaled within the wreckage. In desperation it struggled; its panic serving to exacerbate its wounds. As it died in its metal coffin, its body burnt up and flaked away.

In the morning, the crash would be reported as a mere accident; a simple story about a pilot losing control.


This is a first for me! I’m taking part in the FFfAW Challenge. I see it pop up everywhere so it seems silly not to join in. Hope you enjoy!

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