Work in Progress Wednesday (#WiPW) Application!

I’ve found the WordPress Blogosphere to be an invaluable resource for sharing knowledge and inspiration. I love reading the lessons people are learning, or have learnt, on their journeys and I just love the sharing of ideas in general.

As I’m working on the first draft for my first novel, I like to use Wednesdays to reflect and update the world on my progress. Even if my lessons don’t serve to be as helpful to someone else, it’s an interesting thought exercise for me and it keeps me disciplined. Considering how useful I personally find it, I thought other creatively minded folk might want to join in. I encourage anyone to join me on this journey by simply posting a blog on a Wednesday, around the theme of your Work in Progress with either an update or a “lessons learnt”, and use the WiPW tag.

Better yet, use the contact form below and I will dedicate one of my Wednesday posts to your work! I sincerely love to help boost the creativity of others. You can either produce an article (some ideas below) or I can conduct an interview. The choice is yours!

The Rules:

I’m not one for rules. I’m certainly not one for strict rules. That said, we do need a few stipulations in place.

  1. WiPW is for Works in Progress. ‘Works’ is a general, all-encompassing term. I want to hear about something you’re creating, be in Writing (Novel, Short Stories, Poetry, etc) or Art (Photography, Painting, Video Games, etc) or Music (Songs, Albums, Gigs, etc) or even Crafts (Baking, Woodworking, Blacksmithing, etc)
  2. WiPW is for Works in Progress. If you’ve published a book or finished a sculpture, that’s great news! But it’s not news for WiPW (Sorry!). This forum is to support people currently undergoing the many stages of creation. What that is, however, is up to you! Whether you’re toying with an idea, in a first draft, or in a final edit, sorting a front cover, or contacting an agent, it is all acceptable as long as your Work is in Progress.


Maybe you want to take part in WiPW but don’t know what to write? Let’s brain storm ideas! (And feel free to comment with more below)

Lessons Learnt: Mentioned a few times above. Why not share with everyone a lesson you’ve learnt along the way? Maybe a wrong turn you took, or a process you thought would be easy but wasn’t? Maybe you have a technique or an insight that will make things easier for your fellow creator.

Schnippet of a Story: Are you working on a book, a film, a video game, etc. Why not provide a schnippet of something you’re writing; a couple of sentences you’re proud of or a scene you find compelling.

Window: Keeping with the above point, provide us a window into the world you’re creating. Why not introduce us to a character? Or to a small piece of an ongoing series?

Inspiration: Share with us your inspirations! What makes you work? What is a big inspiration on your current piece? Or go even lower, do you have a specific theme in your artwork that is inspired by something else? Maybe one character in your book is a pure homage to another. Let us know! Inspiration is contagious!

Interviews: If you want a place on my WiPW hosted on Clockwork Clouds, use the contact form above and I can conduct an online (usually email-based) interview with you about your work. Just hit up the contact form below.


6 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday (#WiPW) Application!

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