Don’t Call it a Comeback…

Moving house is a busy time, isn’t it?

I think I actually underestimated, vastly underestimated, just how much of a time drain it would be. I think, in my head, I believed it would be a simple lift and shift of all my belongings, but how wrong I was! When we first got the keys, and opened the door filled from head to toe with excitement, we were hit by this smell of overwhelming damp. Cue a weekend of me and my dad fixing pipes in the kitchen, pipes under the bath, and doing other bits of necessary DIY to a home I naively believed to be livable straight away. It wasn’t really all that bad, but it was time and energy consuming. Add to it that I was then off sick for a week, and then had to tidy the old place I moved out from, and have had two photo shoots for Level Up Photography… Well, let’s just say I’ve been busy. Let’s just say, I’ve neglected this blog.

But I’m back!

I’m not sure I foresee myself being back to my usual schedule but every Monday I’ll be posting something, that much I can assure you! Whilst the dust is still settling (and I’m still booked in to decorate, unpack, move furniture, etc) I’m not sure just how often I have to write, but I can at the very least guarantee you a Monday post. This will all change when I’m sorted, especially when my Study is an actual Study and not a ‘Junk Room‘. Then the real work starts and I’ll be writing as much as possible, with the intent to finish the first draft of my book before December!


A picture of my “Study”- Note the lack of desk (and space) to actually do anything creative.

As much as I dislike these kind of posts, these “I’ve been away, but I swear I’m back!” posts, I feel it’s necessary. It’s been a month, after all, and I found I was itching for my creative outlet again. It’s weird, this sense of discomfort I get, it’s almost as though something isn’t quite aligned in my life; it’s almost like I’m wasting away. So, I couldn’t wait any longer. I don’t care that I don’t have much to say, I don’t care that I’m falling back on a post type I dislike, but I needed to get back on here and get back to you all.

So, what have I missed? Got any stories to tell me? Any news I should know about? Let me know! I’m excited to get involved with the community once more!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Call it a Comeback…

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