The Pumpkin King: A 3LT


Mounted on his pitch black steed, with rapier swinging above his glowing, carved head, the Pumpkin King rode across his lands.

First was the moonlit marshes, their ground bloated by the dead, and then came the fanged forest, where ghouls infested ancient trees; all this and more was his kingdom and all here bent and twisted to his wicked command.

Suddenly he was startled by a shout, sending the pumpkin crashing to an orange pulp on the pavement – “Time to come in!” his mother had said.


I can’t tell you how good it feels to be writing a 3LT again! It’s amazing how much I miss writing without realising it. Anyway! This is a fantastic, and appropriate, photo for a Halloween Prompt. As usual, this Three Line Tale is thanks to Sonya over at Only100Words!

17 thoughts on “The Pumpkin King: A 3LT

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