NaNoWriMo WiPW!

Authors! It’s November! And that means…


I’m hijacking today’s Work in Progress Wednesday, because what is more ‘in progress‘ right now than NaNoWriMo?! Although we’re only on Day Two, hopefully your stories are unraveling in some inspiring ways. I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my offer once more.

Would you like to be featured on WiPW?

It’s an offer I’ve made before, and something I will continue to keep running on my blog (You can see it at the top of my page, in fact!), mainly because I love hearing people’s ideas and the think we all function better when we share our advice. Nothing gets me more excited to write something of my own, as when I see something awesome that someone else has produced. I put down books, leave films, finish games, feeling positively buzzed. So I thought, in this month of constant creativity, that  maybe you’d like to take a break from NaNoWriMo to tell the world about your NaNoWriMo… Because this is a month of great learnings, great experiences, and even greater ideas. Maybe your post will inspire someone stuck to make that final word count.

What I’m looking for is anything from a lesson you’ve learnt through your Work in Progress, an experience you want to share, or even if you want to boast about how well it’s all coming together; all of it could be helpful or inspiring to someone else. (There’s more information over on: The Main Work in Progress Wednesday (#WiPW) Application!)

Just fill out the form below if you’re interested and I’ll set you up with a day. The first one will be 9th of November, so plenty of time to work something out. Even if it’s not your sort of thing, perhaps you know someone who would? I’d appreciate you sharing this post and hopefully soon we’ll be sharing ideas!

The Form!


15 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo WiPW!

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  3. I am giving the NaNoWriMo a go. So far it is going well. Discipline is the key and in that respect it is helping. I doubt that I will have a finished book that will be fit for anyone to read. However, I have every hope of meeting the 50,000 word challenge by the end of the month and that alone will be a huge success. Then I will have something to fulfill the rest of my life…editing.

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    1. I think you’ve got exactly the right attitude here, Cynthia. For me, discipline is one of the things I’ve lacked most in life; having a target or goal helps me no end. My aim at the moment, whilst not a wordcount, is still to have that dreaded “First Draft” finally done… Then I can go back and make it legible for a Beta Reader to attempt to read for me! It’s a long process, but these smaller goals make it more manageable and give us the discipline to succeed.

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  4. Grant-Sud

    So, this post has inspired me to write a novel on NaNoWriMo which I’ve heard of so often but never done before. Thanks so much! You can look for me as Grant-Sud! What’s your name on there?

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    1. Thanks! I’ll have a look for you on there. I’m glad to hear I inspired someone; even if I never write my own book, or publish my own work, I’d be happy knowing I inspired people along the way 🙂

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  5. I signed up to the NaNo club, but just to nudge me into getting going with a WIP. I won’t stick to any word count, I just don’t write that fast on a single project. Even though I have 42k already written, there’s no chance I’d finish the whole book in a month! I’d be interested to see how you get on though.

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    1. Sounds like you should consider my WiPW yourself! I’m not following a wordcount myself either; I don’t even really have an aim. I’m off the mindset that “It’ll be done when it’s done”. If I can get a barely-legible first draft together before December, I’d be over the moon!


      1. Same here. I’m starting almost at the half-way post, but I don’t often get a long enough stretch at writing to produce the fantastic word counts that NaNo wants. It isn’t at all the same as writing three 500 word stories. Long haul stuff requires a different kind of concentration.

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        1. Time is the great inhibitor, certainly. I have realised it a lot recently (hence my month and a half absence from WordPress). I think as long as we all manage what we can though, we can make great progress on bigger things! And in the mean time, short 500 word stories can be fantastic too.


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