Positivity Week

At my main job (the one that sadly is neither here nor Level Up) it’s Positivity Week! I think this is an absolutely fantastic thing for a private company to do. I love that they take the time to invest some time into something like this. For me, at least, it couldn’t have come at a more poignant time.

With the recent madness and stress of the house move, the recent hospital trip with Kirsty, and numerous other annoyances, it’s nice to have some focus on positivity. Since 2013 I became a big believer in self help and positivity; I started reading advice on blogs, in books, looking up research, and practicing mental health techniques. It falls by the wayside more often than I would like, and most of the time life gets in the way… but, that’s ok! It’s nice, though, to have these kinds of events, put on by others rather than just by myself, as a refresher; something to bring me back into an old mind-set. So, in keeping with my works Positivity Week, and in trying to blend it a little more into my blog, I thought I’d list three things that were awesome and positive, about something that doesn’t always leave me feeling the most positive at all.

Mental Health First Aid Training Lite

As part of this Positivity Week at work I attended a 3 hour session of Mental Health First Aid Training. It was only the Lite course, the full one takes 2 days, but it was nevertheless very interesting and incredibly important. It covered a lot of the basics, whilst delving a little deeper into helping and looking out for other people. As I mentioned last week, we never know what someone else is going through under the surface. The training was something that made me realise why I did Psychology at University, and it’s ignited the embers into something I may look into again. Either through volunteering or through studying Counselling; two activities I’ve strongly considered numerous times in the past.

I can’t stress enough how important Mental Health is to me, especially as it’s something I’ve had personal experience dealing with in the past. It impacts us all at some level, but it just isn’t given the same time of day as physical health. There’s a negativity around it, a stigma, but I’ll always be an advocate for it.


I’ve always, always wanted to do Yoga. As with most things in life, I was of the mindset that I’d get round to it, but I ultimately didn’t have time. Luckily, my work arranged for us to have a 45 minute Yoga session to promote this Positivity. It was conducted by a lady in our department, who is actually a trained yoga instructor, and it was a fantastic introduction to the exercise. The bunch of us who went down were complete and utter yoga novices, with not even 5 minutes experience under our collective belts. It made it fun, engaging, and a real laugh to take part, whilst also raising my awareness of my breathing, posture, and calm frame of mind. Yoga is definitely something I’m now going to take part in and, when I get more room in my house, I’d love to blend meditation into this as well.

 Presentation Times

Today, 9:30am, my manager and I had to give a presentation on just what it was our department does. It’s not actually part of Positivity Week, but it is part of getting us all sharing and talking about our different roles; encouraging integration and providing clarity. Can you tell I work in an office?

What I took away from this isn’t the reasoning and philosophy behind the presentation, although it’s good my company encourage it. It’s a positive factor for me because it was a big deal to stand up, be filmed, and to speak in front of people. Regardless of how well I knew the subject, it still meant I was stumbling over my words, fidgeting nervously on my feet, probably sweating to some undesirable degree. Fact remains, I did it! I got through it. I presented my heart out and people actually said it was good; lip-service or not I’m happy with that result. It showed I can do things I put my mind to, it showed me I can step out of my comfort zone and succeed.


I originally had no idea what to do for today’s Monday Post. I started to get wound up, and a little stressed, that a mere 2 weeks after promising a weekly Monday Blog Post, I was about to let myself down. Luckily, certain factors have made themselves clear to me, and I managed to turn this thinking on its head. I wanted to show that even in a place where I don’t feel the most positive, i.e. my full time (non-dream) job, there are still elements of positivity and I can take away from it. As soon as I started brainstorming these, I thought of a ton of extra factors to be positive in my everyday life, such as the support I’ve had for WiPW, but I can save these for a post further down the road.

Stay Positive!

What’s something positive that has happened to you the past week? Why not comment below! It doesn’t matter if it’s relevant; if it made you feel good, if it made you laugh or smile, or even just feel content, please share it with us 🙂


7 thoughts on “Positivity Week

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  3. What wonderful things to take some time out of the working day for! I adore yoga and meditation, laughter can be something that enhances mindful activity so your experience sounds very lovely.
    As for sharing something positive; this morning I woke up very sluggish because I’m about four days into getting off of a daily caffeine habit. When I shared how I was feeling with my partner, he made me an egg to eat with some orange juice. It was such a small gesture, but it brightened my mood and gave me lots of energy for the day’s work! ^_^

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    1. What a lovely positive thing! That’s how you know you’ve picked a good’un 😉 haha. It’s a brilliant gesture and real evidence of the impact we have on each other.

      I’ve always wanted to fit Yoga and Meditation into my schedule, and when I have more room in my house I certainly will! Right now, we have an extra lodger in our house so room/privacy is a little tight. But, soon enough, I’ll be able to practice in the freedom of my lounge!

      Good luck without the Caffeine! That’s another thing I need to do, sooner rather than later, but again a case of getting round to it!

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  4. Hey Shaun , great post and really worthwhile initiative. Yoga is good. For me it’s Zumba. Love releasing my energies and frustrations through music and dance. And then there’s my garden, where I feel deeply soothed by getting my hands in the soil and making a difference (even with a little lamb that devours everything!) 😊
    Lovely post. Being grateful for the small things is always good. Have a great week.

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    1. Zumba sounds a fantastic thing to do, Miriam. I love a bit of a dance, but usually I’m either at a wedding or in the privacy of my own lounge! I can definitely see how it could get those energies flowing.

      As for a garden; what can I say?! I’ve only recently moved to somewhere that actually has a garden, having spent the past 3 years in a small flat. I’m looking forward to being able to invest a bit of time there in the Spring. It’s a lovely little luxury to have 🙂 Sadly I won’t have a little lamb though, who I’m sure is a source of positivity at all tmes 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, Miriam. Lovely comment 🙂

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      1. How wonderful Shaun, that you finally have a garden to enjoy but trust me, you don’t really need a lamb! 😊 Enjoy the rest of your week. Zumba today was fantastic!


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