Sharing Inspiration.

How bored are you of hearing me harp on about inspiration? Not bored enough? Good! Because there’s more… So. Much. More.

Yesterday, when I was all hyped up on positivity (which, I still am by the way!), I alluded to having received interest for the NaNoWriMo Edition of my WiPW. Whether it’s because people share my enthusiasm for the spreading of ideas, or simply because they love a mass set of acronyms, I’ve had people filling out the Contact Form and getting in touch.

So, this is just a heads up. Tomorrow we will have our FIRST EVER Guest Post here on Clockwork Clouds. If you really are bored of hearing me going on, and on, and on, and on… Well, tomorrow is your chance for a break. You will only have the briefest of introductions from yours truly, before my blog is overtaken by an inspiring and idea-filled post of someone else’s.

That’s all I had to say today. Remember to spread your enthusiasm, share your inspiration, and continue to love and support everyone else! Ideas grow and prosper when we communicate them to others.

There’s still time to get in touch, to host a post of your own here on Clockwork Clouds; just get in touch! Or, failing that, why not just write a WiPW on your own blog? No reason you have to host it here if you don’t want to. Tag it WiPW so we can all find it!

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