WiPW – NaNo Edition: Featuring Cynthia

Welcome to Clockwork Clouds first ever Guest Post!

As you’ll have read I’ve been banging on about people taking part in Work in Progress Wednesdays – I posted yesterday, I posted last week and I have a permanent contact form. Well, it turns out it actually works and if you’d like to see more of these, you know what to do! My aim was always to help people share their ideas; inspiration can be catching after all. So, sharing ideas with us today… Is Cynthia over at Willowbeithe! Take it away Cynthia!


Why write with NaNoWriMo?


What is happening right now? I am writing. It is the easiest thing in the world to be convinced that something else is more important than sitting down and writing. Because of participating with writing a novel in November, my goal is 1667 words a day. It is challenging and because of the challenge, most days the word count goes over that number. There is some control. If there are plans that require the writing to be put on hold, then there is an effort to write twice as much when able. Sometimes what is written makes no sense. At the end, there will be editing, more editing and then a lot more editing. There will be areas that will need to be built on further and some spots that can be deleted entirely. It feels incredible to NOT have to worry about any of that right now. All that needs to happen right now is writing. Thank you NaNoWriMo!

What inspires me?


Mostly, monsters and politics. Is it really any different for anyone else?

Years ago it was something else entirely that inspired and motivated me. My muse was always an incredibly sexy vampire. They have always been one of coolest character types ever. Their nature, what they do to survive, has always been the crust and depict perfectly my plot. While they are sucking the life right out of this character or that one, the story unfolds and it is easy to connect to the message.

For a long time I hung onto that theory that my characters would be about vampires. Then, more recently I have gotten really disgusted with the campaigns of the United States presidential election. Something else has stirred in me and that is where Windsor comes from. There is an eerie feeling I get when I think about what is going on in my country and with world politics. And, of course climate change.

My story does not resonate these things on spot and I am not writing a dystopian type of novel. In the back of my mind the ugliness of this world is what inspires the fantasy. Then finding a way out of that is the story. Before going there, I really had to nail it down to an origin for me to even begin writing. That beginning point is Windsor. What Windsor creates is a world where my story takes place and the characters in my head live.

Writer to Writer

I’m not sure of anything that I can offer to make a difference to another writer especially since everyone measures success differently. I am not a published author. Even so, I feel that I am living the dream of a writer because I am making the choice to write.

The one thing writers can be sure of is, a writer is a writer because one writes. It really is that simple. And, if I was to say anything to another writer I would say, never let anyone tell you that your words, your ideas or your story is not worth writing.

This might seem obvious. Save, save, save. Even though it is obvious I have forgotten to save and have lost work. It’s also good to save externally so if your computer needs to be restored. That has happened to me too.

Ideas will come after walking away from the story so keep a journal handy. It is amazing what watching a load of laundry does for writer’s block. And, it never fails. My eyes can feel like a ton of weight, then when to bed ideas flood me. Even when they do not make sense, write them. There will be a place for those ideas at some point.


An introduction of sorts to what it is that I am working on this November while writing all I can write with National Novel Writing Month. Photographs inspire me and help me to see my characters better. The cover is probably not going to be used in the end, but it does a lot for my ego right now. The entire story is choppy and with a lot of holes. It is at the beginning stages. There is still a lot of work ahead. None of that matters right now. Right now I am writing and that is exactly what all of this is about.


Who or What is Windsor?

In the darkness there was a voice. If that voice could be felt it would be cold. The voice shuddered one word. “Astugsna.” And, the world of Astugsna was born. The essence of Windsor rolls through Astugsna like wind or air breathing life into every being that exist there. When everything is as it should be Windsor takes rest in his world. Our story takes off at the point when Windsor has thrown himself into a poser. Windsor is Leer.



Son of Flint and Myla and brother to Zyte. Leer is the incarnate of Windsor, the essence of all things. Leer has an incredible bond to his brother and holds high hopes of watching him become ruler of Astugsna.

Leer is practical, watchful, over bearing, over protective, decisive.
Leer never lets his brother Zyte out of his sight.

What Leer’s parents Flint and Myla notice in their son, marks an evolution.


Why not make Leer the ruler? I hope to convey in my story how Windsor likes to play with his world. It is enough for him to have a front row seat. It is how his world and the creatures living there evolve with emotion that he did not expect.


Why the title Kaida?


Before Windsor, before Leer, Kaida was meant to be the star. She is the key. Kaida’s mother is a poser and her father is a shifter. She is born with physical traits of both species and unable to change from one or the other. The exotic half-ling develops a knowing that threatens everything Windsor has designed. Leer has set out to dispose of her which is an act against Astugsna law. When Leer sees Kaida, how uniquely beautiful she is, he has other plans. The story might stop there if Kaida didn’t develop ideas of her own.


Thank you Shaun for this space and an opportunity to write for your blog. I wish everyone success with their writing this month. If anyone needs a writing buddy, look me up! I’m shedhippie at NaNoWriMo. Feel free to follow me on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest or visit my blog Willowbeithe. Good luck everyone!


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  4. Thank you Shaun! I sincerely appreciate your feature and allowing me to guest post here. You and your readers are welcome to guest post for me anytime about anything. I would absolutely love that! At the moment I am feeling like a bit of a failure. Yesterday was a no word count what so ever for me. The election here in the states was all I could focus on. Now that is out of the way, maybe I can rid myself of the frustrations that I am feeling by getting back into my story 🙂 Anyway, thank you! This is awesome!

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