Mad Monday Managed

Mondays are the bane of many a person; dragging our tired bodies from beneath the sheets of a warm bed to get ready for a long and painful five days at work. There are obviously exceptions to the rule, those who don’t have work that day or those that do but actually have their dream job.  I wasn’t one of those people this morning; I was in one of those “only getting worse as the morning goes on” kind of moods.

For starters, I woke up late. This isn’t unusual for me, I’m the exact opposite of an ‘early bird’ and always have been. Staying awake all night? Easy. I used to do it every weekend and I’d still be able to pull it off even as I veer dangerously close to 30. Waking up to one alarm at the crack of dawn, feeling refreshed and ready for the day? No chance. Never. Regardless of when I went to bed the previous night or whatever regime I’d followed. Today though, my body was extra lethargic, craving the soft comfort of the king-sized duvet. I was tired from a busy weekend, a Saturday night drinking and a Sunday doing DiY around the house and garden. This was already a recipe for a bad mood, but really the ingredients  only came together when they were left to stew in the slow cooker that is morning traffic.

As much as I love my new home; I miss my old commute. I may have not moved that far away in actuality, but the route I now have to take is chockfull every morning and every evening. I can take side roads to a certain extent, but you’re always back on that same main road and then you have the added guilt that you’re probably adding to the traffic you loathed in the first place.

Not a great day; not a positive day.

But wait.

What do I have to moan about today? What actually is today’s problem?

That I was late for work? Maybe, but thankfully there were no real repercussions today; things ticked along as expected and, aside from a few jokes and pointed fingers, I was there for my first meeting. That I don’t work my dream job? Maybe, but then the job I actually do work is so far from being the worst that I’m lucky, if anything. The weekend then, leaving me tired and exhausted for the week ahead? Definitely not! Saturday was a great evening with drinks and friends, and board games, and laughter. On the other hand, Sunday was super-productive; Kirsty and I, along with my Mom and Dad, took even more steps to making our new house a home. When I break it all down, when I’m mindful of what is really going on, I really have nothing to grumble about today at all.

If you’ve followed my blog since the start, you’ll know I try to maintain the belief that:

Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.

It’s hard sometimes; emotions can run wild and reason can be smothered and buried alive. Today is the perfect example though. Maybe I started today in a bad mood; maybe it quickly spiralled down as I stared into the never-flinching tail lights of the car in front. But then, maybe I caught it before it got the better of me; maybe I wrote it on a blog, and watched as those negative thoughts and feelings drifted away… maybe I chose a better reaction.

Let’s start this week with a bit of positivity! I challenge you to see the good on this dull Monday Morning. Why not share something in the comments below? How about, something that could be bad, but you chose not to let it be!

3 thoughts on “Mad Monday Managed

  1. We really haven’t evolved to wake up so early!

    Being spurred on from your last paragraph I suppose today I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out some code. No matter what I did it didn’t want to work. Then i realized the whole link to that separate style sheet was wrong which meant everything I was writing wasn’t even being acknowledged. I decided to laugh this off and let all the anger of my idiocy that my code wasn’t working escape as it wasn’t my fault.

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  2. It’s always so much better to see the positive side of things–better for health, mind, and heart. Things can get and have been worse (at least for me), so it’s wise to find joy in every single second of life. Very nice post!


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