Hurdles & Growth

I didn’t know what to write about today, but then Kirsty said something that made me think, she said:

Do you know what I like about our house? People always say they knew straight away, but I don’t think we did. When we first viewed it, being rushed round, and with your parents there, and then when we first moved in and it needed work doing… but the longer we’re there the happier I am; the more I love it

Ok, I may not remember her words verbatim but this was at least the jist. It also struck me how it was very much true of our relationship too. When we first started going out we really did hit it off, but at the same time there was a lot of underlying anxiety; echoes of previous relationships having their effect. Kirsty and I joke that we got most of our arguing out the way early on… not ideal by any fairytale definition. I could understand that most people would give up but neither of us wanted to, something held us together even with a rocky start.

Now I don’t completely agree with Kirsty. I think we knew deep down that this would be the house for us; I think we knew what we wanted, in both relationship and home. Her point still stands though. I think it’s easy to forget that things aren’t always easy, obvious, or clear. I think sometimes we give up because we don’t expect something to need work, when really everything in life does. I‘ve done it myself often enough, I’ve been lazy and expected everything to fall on my lap, only to be frustrated when it ultimately doesn’t. We learn though, that if we give up when stuff gets hard, we might miss out on the best things; houses and families, dreams and love. This is why we should pursue our goals and why nobody can pursue them for us; this is why we can’t let hurdles get in the way. 

For this Monday Blog I ask you to think about where you are and the adversities you overcame to get there. Perhaps you’d like to share them below and inspire the rest of us?




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