5 Things to be Thankful For


Today it’s Thanksgiving over in America, but that’s actually just a coincidence. It’s very well timed, serendipitous even, but it really was a coincidence. As you’ll see from next weeks post, this is part of a new series of Thursday posts which will be along the line of Thursday Thoughts or Thursday Thanks (Or Thoughtful Thursdays? Or Thankful Thursdays? Who know’ s which is better! Maybe you do? Let me know!)

I’ve been a bit irritable recently, a bit stressed, and it’s been down to a few factors in my life getting me down, but I want to combat them by being mindful; by being thankful. So, without further ado, here’s 5 things I’m thankful for.

My home.

The big one first! I am thankful, so thankful, for my home; my little house. It’s needed a little work doing, and it’s starting to drain me looking at different shades of paint (notice I avoided saying Grey!), but in all honesty… I couldn’t be happier. I love owning my own home, I love not having to answer to a landlord, I love being able to decorate to my own desires. I am so thankful to have this home of mine, this sanctuary from the rest of the world. It’s been my biggest step of 2016buying a house, Kirsty moving inbut it’s been more than worth it.

My parents.

If I am thankful for anything on this list more than any of the others, this is it; I am thankful for my parents. My parents are absolutely always there for me with any kind of support they can offer. They’re there to help me financially, emotionally, physically… I wouldn’t have got through the house move without them; their DIY expertise and the like. They’ve made my home possible; heck, they made my life possible. I couldn’t be more thankful for them; I just hope they know how appreciated they are.


How could I have a list of thanks without Kirsty? My house wouldn’t be a home without her. She’s the inspiration that keeps me going. We fight, we bicker, we have petty little arguments… but none of that matters. Kirsty is one of the most important factors in my life and together we get through. I like to think we understand each other better than anyone, that we can see and accept both our own and each other’s flaws. Kirsty knows I’m a dreamer, and whilst she helps to keep me down to earth when it’s needed, she also supports me and encourages me to go for those dreams. I’m very reliant on support, I’m not very confident in myself, but she gives me that confidence to push me forward; she helps me achieve things way beyond my own reach. Without Kirsty I wouldn’t be where I am today; I wouldn’t be half as motivated or inspired. She is so incredibly dear to me.


I thought I’d mix up the list with a different thing I’m thankful for… books! I’ve always enjoyed reading, but until this year I’d forgotten how much. I was a writer who didn’t read! – I mean, it has to be said I didn’t really write either, but still!  How crazy is that? Well 2016 has been the year I rediscovered books and I am so thankful I did. I honestly can’t believe I went so long without reading, it became a habit to just not pick up a book. Now I read almost every night, whilst I settle into bed with Kirsty by my side. It soothes me, it comforts me, it’s my own little happy place within the already happy place that is my home. I’m thankful I’ve rediscovered books before it was too late; they’re a passion, a resource, and an escape that I could no longer be without.

My job.

My job has been a source of a lot of frustration for me recently. I’m normally someone who can shake off the working day as soon as the clock hits 5, but recently it’s been coming home with me and hanging around; exacerbating matters it had no business exacerbating. The thing is, I’ve realised that the irritation I feel isn’t always due to my job, it’s to do with certain aspects of myself and my own perspective. Anyway, that’s a larger blog post waiting for another day. The purpose of today is that I’m thankful for my job. I’m thankful that I have a job in an age where they’re sometimes scarce, I’m thankful I get paid well for what I do when so many suffer in poverty. With my job I might not always be over the moon when I come home, I might not spend every day feeling fulfilled, but I am able to support my family, my friends, and myself; I’m able to enjoy the hobbies I want to enjoy and spend my free time the way I want to spend it. For that, I am thankful.

Lastly, if I can sneak in a sixth, I am thankful for you. I’m thankful for your comments, your shares, even just the few minutes of your day when you read a post of mine. Thank You.

What are you thankful for? Please let me know! The world moves smoother when we’re grateful and thankful for each other.

14 thoughts on “5 Things to be Thankful For

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  2. Reblogged this on Eric's blog and commented:
    This is my second re-blog of the day. this might seam an odd one to choose as the day has passed and I’m not American but I’ve been feeling very down recently and it doesn’t hurt to be reminded things are not that bad really.

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  4. A nice post Shaun and one that raises a lot of reflection. I am thankful for everyday and what it brings, family, friends, positives and challenges. Have a good week ahead and thank you for posting this 🙂

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  5. I am thankful for friends who are closer than family. I am thankful I finally started writing after putting it on hold for so long. And I am grateful for my health and my strength. Have a wonderful day, Shaun. And congratulations on your new home!

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