WiPW – NaNo Edition: A Nano-sized Success

I can’t quite believe it; it’s the end of November and, therefore, the end of NaNo. How lucky it fell on a WIP Wednesday so I could update you all about my progress!

Firstly, I’d like to thank my Guest Posters, Cynthia over at Willowbeithe and Dominika over on her blog, for putting up a WIPW for the first weeks of NaNo. If I take anything away from this NaNo it’s that it was very inspiring to work with others to produce some content. Hopefully it had a similar effect on you all and you found some value! Now, it’s time for an update of my own; something that will hopefully prove to be sort of inspiring but for all the wrong reasons (as in, you’ll compare yourself to me and feel better for it).

November this year was busy; busy beyond measure. You’ve probably gleaned this from my other posts where I’ve grumbled away, complaining how little time I get, and then relished that I actually am able to be busy when so many people aren’t. It’s a vicious cycle of complaint and gratitude. My NaNo progress is no different. My life has been busy, I’ve been annoyed that I haven’t had enough time to devote to NaNo, I’ve been frustrated that my word count has remained so low when I’ve seen the word counts of others soar, but, when all is said and done, I’ve still written more than I would have in any other month.

If we take a look at my last WIPW that had a word count, we can see that Remembrance in Blood had a word count of 12,000+. A good, solid number to start with; a good foundation to build off. Where did NaNo help me reach then? Did I surpass 75,000? Well, No. What about 50,000? Eh… No again. Wow, this is embarrassing. Ok, enough delay … I hit 24,000+. That’s double my original word count. As I wrote in the previous post, I was averaging about 4,000 words a week and so surely that means NaNo has been no different. Except November has been that busy I’ve probably only had two weeks of November to actually get something written down. That’s good, right?

Even if you don’t think that’s a success, I think the true success has been that writing has been at the forefront of my mind. When I’ve been busy at work, or stuck doing DIY at home, I’ve still had writing on the brain. NaNo has helped to emphasise that and make sure I’m always focused on my goal. It’s amazing what having a reminder for your goal can do for your mind-set. I’ve learnt that I need some kind of schedule or structure; I’ve learnt that I’m absent minded and I have a tendency to just… forget…. or put priorities out of my head. I work best when I have encouragement, deadlines, and support; NaNo does help provide that but it’s something I’m going to carry forward into the future.

I’ve also learnt just how inspiring other people are. I mean, of course I already knew this, just how I already knew how absent minded I was, but it still serves as a valuable reminder. I’ve watched other bloggers take part in NaNo and hit their targets, smash their word counts, complete their works. I’ve watched people pick up a pen where they might not otherwise. I’ve been inspired and it’s once again showed the value of this online community; the value of sharing our work.

So, in that sense NaNo has been a success; I’ve written more than I would have, I’ve thought about my book more than I would have, and I’ve learnt some valuable lessons. That’ll do for this year and, when NaNo 2017 rolls around, I’ll be far more prepared and ready to write a second book! (because I will finish this one before then!)

Did you take part in NaNoWriMo2016? How did you get on? Want to rub my face in your word count? Please do! Go ahead, boast, you deserve to! Relish your success! Let me know how things went!



9 thoughts on “WiPW – NaNo Edition: A Nano-sized Success

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  2. Shaun,

    What matters most is you’ve written, and are writing. You’re pushing, and I’m confident you write more and more as you build your routine. Keep writing, it’s all you need to do to be a writer.

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  3. Hey Shaun! Congratulations on your progress. My goal for NaNo was to kick start my flagging project as well, so making or not making the 50k was of secondary importance. I’m at 47,000+ words – so close! I’m going to try and knock out the rest today but if I don’t make it, my goal is still achieved – I’m that much further along. Best of luck going forward!

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    1. Well done, Meg! That’s brilliant! Did you start out at 0 for this NaNo?

      The fact any of us have even got so much as a few words down on paper makes a huge difference; it gives us the proverbial kick up the backside!

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