Gratitude: A Friday Feeling

Gratitude has come up quite a bit recently; as it should in all honesty, it’s a topic worth talking about. I wrote my 5 Things to be Thankful For, which even got a share on Erics Blog, and only this week did I write about 200 Followers, which I’m over the moon about and couldn’t be more grateful for.

Recently, however, I’ve also had a more personal experience of gratitude; it’s amazing the wonders it can work. Often, when we discuss feeling grateful, it can be caught up in the privacy of a gratitude journal, or maybe a meditation on the subject. How often do we tell each other we’re grateful for them? This week I’ve been on the receiving end of this… twice! That’s twice I’ve had someone close to me tell me they’re grateful for what I’ve done, the things I’ve said, and twice has my heart melted a little and my perspective changed.

It’s something I try to reinforce at home too, that we don’t say Sorry we say Thank You. “Sorry I’m a moody cow” for instance, doesn’t have the same effect as “Thank you for looking after me (whilst I was a moody cow)”. I think the second option, the thankful option, is far more powerful for both parties involved. It’s this gratitude that has really resonated with me this week; it’s made things less stressful and, in turn, made me a bit less moody myself!

So, whilst I’m being Secret Santa twice today (yes you read that right, twice), I wanted to encourage you all to, not only think about what you’re thankful for, but to share that message with someone else.

Who are you thankful for? When did you last tell them?

14 thoughts on “Gratitude: A Friday Feeling

  1. I pretty much make an effort to thank a few people a day for whatever it is they do. I’m also a fan of random proclamations of appreciation. I’m always most grateful for the well being of my family, which I thank God for every night. In terms of this world, I’m constantly telling the Slush Brain how much their mentorship and encouragement has meant to me. They’re amazingly helpful, and fun to just talk to when things get complicated.

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    1. I wish I’d read this comment back when you first wrote it! Truly great to read that you embody this in most days of your life 🙂 A fine example to set. I love the idea of Random Proclamations of Appreciation too!

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  2. I’m thankful for so much. My family, my home … all my blessings. And I told them all (separately) during the week. It’s so important especially with those closest to us not to take them for granted. Lovely post.

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