The Conqueror :A 3LT


He sat on his throne, weary fingers tapping cold, uninterested metal, and longed for those ancient years that preceded his reign.

There had been a time, long ago, when the world was his to explore; unmapped, undiscovered, unconquered.

But now he’d seen it all, now he owned it all, and now… he’d lowered his flag.


Been far too long since I took part in one of these (my last one was The Pumpkin King: A 3LT – and even that was a one off after over a months absence) so I decided to have another go and, hopefully, try to start doing them more frequently! You can find the post here and, once again, a special thanks to Sonya over at Only100Words!

15 thoughts on “The Conqueror :A 3LT

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