Determination: A Friday Feeling

Today’s Friday Feeling is determination.

I’m feeling good about this year already, and I think it is almost 100% to do with my mindset. Nothing else has really changed in my life, if anything we’re in that post-Christmas fatigue when there’s naff all left to look forward to. What I’ve been doing instead, though, has been being determined. The best thing is I didn’t even really realise it!

You see, last week I made posts about the direction of 2017, improving myself, and about looking back at 2016, and showing gratitude/remembering the good times. I strongly feel that just writing these posts, and keeping these things in mind, has really changed the way I’ve been thinking already this year.

I strongly believe that 2017 is going to be a good year; I already feel as though I’m doing more towards it. I’ve been keeping up on my blog posts, writing them in advance and getting them scheduled, and I’ve been actively commenting and searching the blogosphere for more people to follow and learn from; so far I’ve already found a ton of interesting posts!

Outside my blog, I’ve been making other plans in life; I’ve been booking Cinema trips and family events. I’ve started back at Yoga with my Mom, I’m just back from seeing an amazing theatre performance I almost thought was too much hassle to go to, and I even forced myself back to the Gym (though I’m not boasting too much, not this early on). The thing that’s been highly prevalent through all these activities is determination; I’m not just living in a land of maybes. “I might go to Yoga”, “I could see my friends”. I’m not dwelling; I’m doing. It actually feels good, it feels good to not doubt myself, to not muse over my actions and to just put them to the test. It also feels a damn-site more productive as well.

How is 2017 feeling for you so far? You feeling determined in the year? Are you a dweller or a doer? Let me know in the comments below!


14 thoughts on “Determination: A Friday Feeling

  1. Like you Shaun biting the bullet and embracing life full on. Am even off to see Chas and Dave and Pam Eyres in April. That’s how us oldies roll. Nice post.


  2. This post made me want to jump up and shout for you “DO IT!!!” Determination doesn’t always equal positivity but this makes me feel very optimistic for you and gives me a jolt of happiness that someone is out there consciously living their life full throttle. Good on you! Come back to this whenever you start to feel down. Don’t forget!

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    1. Thanks so much! The hardest part is always maintaining it, ay? haha. So far so good though! And as you said, I can use this as a reminder to myself. It’s definitely a good idea to just “DO IT!” 😀


  3. I’ve been a bit rubbish so far. I find it hard to get out the house for anything other than work (though my boyf is visiting next week and we’re going to Disneyland so that should perk things up)! ☺ having things to look forward to always improves my mood – Inc cinema trips etc. Overall I’m mixed towards 2017 but feel it will be at the least a year of progress.

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    1. Best thing to do then is to make sure you have things to look forward to 🙂 Get planning! Honestly, I can barely get out of bed unless I have a specific reason to. So I need plans to keep me going!

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