When Problems are their own Solutions.

Have you ever realised that sometimes you solve your problems by… solving your problems. I don’t know how to put it better than that, and maybe it’s just me, but it’s so utterly obvious sometimes I manage miss it.

Before this post, this one you’re reading here, I started a post where I once again moaned and waffled on about my motivation. In this previous post, I talked about how my writing wasn’t flowing recently (and in truth, it hasn’t been) and I talked about how I was feeling pretty run down and a bit, for lack of a better word, shit. As I wrote this previous post, I started to lighten up, and the crumminess I felt throughout the day started to disappear. I was still tired, I was still a little bit disheartened, but I was feeling a bit more determined. Why?

Well, one of the reasons I feel naff is when I don’t feel productive. I’m all for lazy days, lazy weeks, hell give me a lazy month, but after a while they start to creep up on me and I realise that I’m wasting my time on this planet once more; I’m not working towards my goals, I’m not investing in my future. This gets me down – in fact it gets me down big time – but I often don’t realise it until it happens. It’s weird that way, I grumble and complain but I simply don’t realise the source of it all. The thing is, as I was writing the previous, now completely scrapped post I was simply trying to hit my “One Post Every Monday Guaranteed” target. It was purely some personal waffle aimed at making sure I didn’t let myself, my blog, or my audience down. In other words, it was actually productive. Now don’t get me wrong, it certainly wasn’t very good, case-in-point it’s now scrapped, and it was purely some filler piece designed to hit a statistic, but it was also progress towards something. I started to fix my problem by actually fixing my problem.

The problem with feeling unmotivated is that it can feel like quicksand. It can feel like you want to do all these things, but you can’t, or you won’t, or you don’t know how… and so you sink further. We distract ourselves from this with TV, with Video Games, with scrolling down Facebook… and we continue to sink without noticing. Just like quicksand though (and hopefully my armchair expertise on this subject doesn’t fail me) it’s about taking a slow progress. Simply by sitting down and writing, even if it was complete and utter waffle, I took a small step and I felt better, I felt lighter, I didn’t feel as stuck. Was it because I was unloading my feelings onto electronic paper? That was probably a help! Writing always makes me feel better! But it was also because I was doing what I set out to do. I was writing, which is my goal, and I was blogging and hitting that Monday deadline.

It amazes me that I don’t notice this solution more often, despite how often this cycle continues. I’ve even written before about how often I feel unmotivated only to realise it takes that one simple step forward… that little bit of productivity… and it can snowball. Productivity encourages more productivity, writing encourages more writing, and putting stuff off encourages more putting stuff off… I’m going to try not to do the latter.

Here’s to a productive week ahead!

What about you? Is there anything small you’ve been putting off that could make a big difference? Maybe this is the week to get started! Let me know in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “When Problems are their own Solutions.

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  3. A good reflective post Shaun. The brain is a great problem solver and sometimes it is good to just go with the flow and see what it does. It will always provide you with some solution.

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  4. I find that writing is a bit like therapy for me and, when I write out a problem, I feel better about it. Sounds as though you had a similar experience – I’m glad things got moving again for you. If you get stuck again, try setting a timer and just write about anything for ten, twenty, thirty minutes – but that’s all you’re allowed to do in that time! It will get things flowing again…

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    1. Thanks, Helen 🙂 I definitely agree writing is a therapy, it’s just amazing that I forget sometimes… For me it’s sometimes taking that first step… once my pen is on the page (or my fingers are on the keys) things start to get better! 🙂 Thanks for reading/commenting!

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  5. This post is so relevant in my life rn, how did you know. I’ve been putting things off for an entire week (I finally had a week of break and I took complete advantage yada yada) and I need to start up my life again but RIP ME. Love this post of encouragement tho bless up🙏🏼

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  6. I really liked this…..Productivity encourages more productivity, writing encourages more writing, and putting stuff off encourages more putting stuff off… Soooo true. I would put off writing too, but I make myself write 2-3 hrs a day, even if I don’t feel like I have anything. Words eventually come 😊. Thanks for the read!

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    1. Well done on making yourself write! That’s the way forward 🙂 We take advantage of ourselves when we let a day or so slip haha. Thanks for reading 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the message!


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