Creating Coincidence

I don’t believe in fate. Simple as that. I’m not someone who believes in horoscopes, or destiny, or that the world owes me anything. I don’t believe in karma, I don’t believe in judgement, and I don’t believe the world is fair… I do believe in coincidences though, but I also believe we can create these coincidences for ourselves.

For those of you that have been following, I’ve been a bit down recently. I don’t have a lot to grumble about, I mean I probably find myself stuck at work too often, and the house is constantly needing work done, but overall I have a good life. What I’ve lacked though, is motivation. The worst thing about feeling unmotivated is it can snowball; by feeling unmotivated you end up doing nothing, and the more you do nothing the less inclined you are to do anything. It’s harder to fight the inertia of doing nothing and actually do something.

This is where coincidences come into play.

You see, I have a cycle. I have moments of pure, unadulterated enthusiasm, where the world is open to me and I am en route to achieving my dreams… then I have moments where I wallow, unimpressed with my previous efforts (or lack of) and let myself sink into an unmotivated state. It can take a while for me to break this cycle, heck it can take a while for me to realise the cycle is happening, despite the amount of practice I have dealing with it and despite how obvious the signs should be by now. Sometimes, though, life breaks the cycle for you.

You may know by now that I’m a Partner of Level Up Photography LLP, well, on Saturday, Greg and I shot our first Wedding of the year! It couldn’t have come at a better time. What a kick up the ass! What a way to fuel a dwindling passion! What a way to fight the inertia! What a coincidence that it came when I needed it most… but hold on, it’s not exactly a coincidence is it?

The timing, and my mind-set, were both a coincidence, I’ll grant you. The timing was perfect, I needed inspiration and here it was handed to me on a plate. The set up though? That’s a different matter entirely. The thing is, we’d been booked to do this Wedding for months. We’d done the legwork, we’d contacted the Bride, we’d provided the service; there was no coincidence there.

The point I’m making is we can create these opportunities, we create these coincidences. I may not believe in fate, or destiny, but I believe that if you put yourself out there you stand more chance of getting results. That’s just logic. When I lie around grumbling that I’m uninspired, unmotivated, unfulfilled, I am simply not putting myself into a place with opportunity… in fact, I’m slipping away into reclusion where talents go to waste. If it hadn’t been for our previous Photography work, Greg and I wouldn’t have been booked for that Wedding. Similarly, If I hadn’t written blogs previously, you wouldn’t be here reading today.

Saturday has been a fantastic motivator. It’s been a reminder of the end goal and proof of what can be achieved with a bit of time and effort. Do I wish it happened more often? That my life was spent more often in a creative pursuit than a 9-5 office role? I do, but when I wallow in that I close the doors to my preferred future. By taking the smaller steps and by keeping up the motivation these days of inspiration are more likely to occur. That, really, is today’s message.

Today’s message, both to readers and to myself, is simply: Put yourself out there. Opportunities will appear only when you open yourself up to them. You’re going to have days, weeks, months where your work feels unsatisfactory, where you feel it’s all for nothing, but as long as you keep creating, keep putting things out there, your own work might provide an opportunity and, coincidentally, it might arrive at just the right time. Keep creating your own coincidences. Keep yourself open to opportunity.

Have you had any moments like this? Where inspiration occurred at just the right time? What do you think, was it fate or was it self-made? Let me know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Creating Coincidence

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  2. josypheen

    Excellent post and I am glad that you are starting to feel inspired!!

    I have always found that whatever I am doing, the more effort I put into it, the more I get out of it. So even if it is just volunteer work or a not-the-best-job ever, cool things might still come from your efforts!

    As an example, I was helping out as a volunteer for an alumni association (for a programme I used to do in Japan.) I set up a few charity events (it was hard work and knackering…) then a few months later, just as I was thinking about quitting, I got to meet the Emperor and Empress of Japan(!) He said thank you for all my hard work and my photo ended up in newspapers all over Japan. You never know when your effort will lead to amazing things. 🙂

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    1. Thats a truly incredible story! Not many people (especially in the Western World) would ever be able to say that happened! Wow… That’s blown me away! haha. I don’t think there’s a better example out there for putting in and getting back 🙂

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      1. josypheen

        Ha! It was in England, so there must be other Western World folks who have similar stories.

        Jonathan Ross was just in front of me when we were lining up to meet the Empress. He told her that he likes Totoro, and then he started to sing the totoro song to her. It was pretty hilarious.


  3. HI,
    I know Matt and Ritu.
    I appreciate the perspective. It’s why I clicked on your link. I’ve been concerned that opportunities to make money from my blog have dried up. Your posts helped my attitude. Thanks,

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  4. I remember at university, a guest lecturer telling us that ‘if you want to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket.’ I’ve always remembered that, and believe that putting yourself out there, frightening as it may seem at times, is buying yourselves a ticket. Opening yourself to opportunity, basically. I recently had a great review for one of my books, and it gave me the final push I needed to put it on NetGalley. And who knows where that might lead…

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    1. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve spent a lot of my life expecting things to just fall on my lap… Perhaps not consciously though. I’ve realised more and more now that I needed to ‘buy’ that ticket!

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